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The Schoolhouse Expo: Day 1 Wrapup

The first day of The Schoolhouse Expo was fantastic!   Some of the highlights that excited and inspired me included:

  • Jessica Hulcy of Konos shared all the wonderful hands-on things, complete with beautiful pictures, that she has done with children over the years – great ideas that anyone can incorporate in their homeschool!  She stressed that you really need to let children explore on their own (with handcuffs on and mouth taped shut sometimes LOL)
  • Molly from The Econobusters shared fantastic ideas for clever and beautiful storage solutions – you can view the handout by clicking Super Storage Solutions HERE.  Some of my favourite ideas were replacing vitamin bottles with pretty old-fashioned spice jars and using inexpensive garden fencing mounted on the garage wall as a peg board
  • Vivian Doublestein of Masters Academy of Fine Arts discussed why the old, industrial revolution method of education is outdated and our modern paradigm should have creativity at the centre.  “We are created to be creative.”  Vivian’s talk really complimented the Konos talk.  Click on ARTSWORK here to see an outline of what she discussed.

I urge you to visit The Schoolhouse Expo Vendor Hall if you haven’t already – you will not believe the freebies and discounts available from over 50 vendors!

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