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Screen-Free Week May 5-11, 2014

screen-free week

We love technology in our home, but we also enjoy a good power outage now and then. It’s still exciting for my daughter, although my teenage son is less enthused than he was when he was younger. As soon as the power goes out, both children burst into a flurry of activity. There are candles to gather, the fire to be started in the woodstove (if it’s cold outside), and water to be gathered from the pool (if it’s not frozen) so we can flush our toilets. Everyone enjoys reading and boardgames. It’s a fun time!

Screen Free Week 2014

You can experience the fun without the inconvenience of a power outage. Once again this year, the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood is hosting Screen-Free Week! It’s not too late to join in and have your child turn off the TV, video games, computers, cell phones, etc. and celebrate the magic of being unplugged!

Children today are often spending way too much time glued to screens and this can lead to health problems, behaviour problems, and more. So encourage your child to get some outside time, read, explore, and play this week!

Enjoy some of these ideas in The Family Guide to a Great Screen-Free Week! And consider having a day or two unplugged as a parent. You can use this great image on your social media accounts to let others know what you’re up to.

Screen-free week

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