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FREE Ultimate Homeschool Expo now through Saturday!

The Ultimate Homeschool Expo is on now through Saturday, November 13th.  Click HERE to see the details – scroll down to the bottom to register free.  You can also purchase a ticket to get access to the taped sessions afterwards plus more goodies.  You will receive details via email how to login to the Expo, or you can click on the link on the website to join in the session already in progress.

Thursday at 8:00 pm Atlantic
Terri Johnson: ” Mastering Your Schedule (And When to Throw it Out!) ” Let’€(TM)s face it, life gets busy, especially during the holidays.  How do you juggle schoolwork, housework, entertaining, outings, baking, shopping, gift wrapping, etc. without dropping all of the balls?  It gets tricky and often schoolwork is the first thing to go.  In this session, we’€(TM)ll discuss how to homeschool with joy and purpose through the holidays and when to take a guilt-free break.  Learn to become the master of your schedule and make it work for you.

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Thursday at 10:00 pm Atlantic
Mary Jo Tate: Do you dread returning to the daily grind after the fun and joy of the Christmas season? Are you overwhelmed by the many responsibilities of your life? The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is a perfect time to evaluate the closing year and set goals for the year ahead. Find peace in the space between the ideal and reality, and trade in the juggling act for true balance.

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Friday Nov. 12 11:00 am Atlantic
Sherri Johnson: I have done Don’t Cry Over Spilled Schoolbooks several times with a different twist on it each time. This should be no problem to adapt it for the holidays. I will say that my specialty is not in centering school activities around the holidays though. I’m down to one student this year (11th grade) and we’re focusing on getting the work done, if you know what I mean. I have never been a big holiday celebrations type person (long story for another day) so while I can encourage moms to stay focused through the holidays and to not get discouraged if things done get completely done, I’m not an expert in incorporating the holidays into the actual school activities.

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Friday at 1pm Atlantic
Lori Lane: Christmas:  Beginning With The End In Mind It’s hard to imagine that Christ began his life and ministry on earth with the “end in mind”.  It is important for us to plot and plan our holiday season with our desired “end in mind” as well and with a focus on the true meaning of the season and for that to extend far beyond just Christ’s birth on this earth.  Join me as we explore the purpose for God sending His son to earth and how that purpose, that desired end result, should affect how we plan our holiday seasons.

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Friday at 3:00 Atlantic
Janice Campbell: Making Time For Things That Matter Homeschooling isn’€(TM)t just about doing school at home it’(TM)s about making time for things that matter. Rather than just piling academic lessons onto your already overloaded life, you can create a home-centered life that nourishes the spirit and makes learning a part of everyday living. Come and learn the seven principles that will help you maintain focus and create a healthy, happy, and balanced learning lifestyle.

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Friday at 5:00 Atlantic
JoJo Tabares: Using Holiday Family Activities to Foster Communication Skills.  CHRISTmas time is a special time when families come together.  What a perfect time to foster good and godly communication skills in your home.  JoJo Tabares shares her favorite holiday traditions and how you can use yours in order to create lasting memories and build stronger relationships in Christ!

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Friday at 7;00 pm Atlantic
Cyndi Kinney: Living and Leaving a Legacy “Creating Traditions Across the Generations. What do you remember about your grandparents and great grandparents?  Or do you remember them at all? There is a way to make SURE that your children have awesome memories of older family members.  In this session, you’ll learn about how to gather information about these ancestors and even carry on some of their traditions.  Traditions create a sense of security and unity within a family, and this is so important in a time when our children are being inundated with anti-family values messages.  Our children need to feel a special bond to their family members, and the holidays are a perfect time to bridge the generations and make sure that we are leaving an amazing legacy for our children and grandchildren.

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Friday at 10:00 pm Atlantic
Bethany LeBedz; Ten Steps to an Organized and Christ-Centered Holiday Season is the season! While we like to proclaim our thankfulness at the overloaded dinner table and we make sure that our manger scene is unpacked, we often act like this is the season to overwork and over-schedule ourselves. Then, of course, we complain about how exhausted we are and how eager we are for €oethe season€ to be over. Instead, let’s focus on our true reason for thankfulness and celebration. Discover ten easy steps to a more organized, simple, less stressful, Christ-centered Thanksgiving and Christmas with The Organized Homeschool Mom, Bethany LeBedz.

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November 13th Saturday at 11:00 am Atlantic
Sheila Carrol: Calling Off School and Other Creative Ideas for Christmas:  Sheila of Living Books Curriculum will share with you her out-of-the-box ideas for Christmas “like calling off school. You will be amazed and challenged by her unique approach to the usual Christmas topics, such as gift-giving, relatives, nativity scenes, and decorations.

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Saturday at 1pm Atlantic
Vicki Bentley: Holidays as Homeschool Curriculum — Do you ever feel stuck in the day-to-day sameness of your school routine? If you circle the holidays on your calendar, you can have not just instant mini-units, but family fun and fond memories. Celebrate!

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Saturday at 3:00 pm Atlantic
Christine Field: Mom’s Pain: How did you come to motherhood?  I came with incredibly unrealistic expectations.  I envisioned myself in a pristine night gown rocking my infant while white curtains billowed in the window. While parenting has been the source of tremendous joy, it has also challenged me emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually.  When I finally loosened my grip on the reins of control of my life, the Lord led me through a season of great growth.  Like birthing a child, that growth started with a plunge into pain, causing me to panic, leading to paralysis, causing me to prove the rightness of my views and positions, finally putting down my defenses to allow the Lord to lead me to His peace.

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Saturday at 5:00 pm Atlantic
Susan Scott: “Unwrapping Your Children’s Spiritual Gifts” – Help your children experience the real meaning of Christmas first hand. Learn how to identify their God-given spiritual gifts and turn the hectic holidays into an opportunity for spiritual growth. Susan will share ideas for teaching your children how to model Christ by using their unique gifts to serve others this holiday season.

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Saturday at 8:00 pm Atlantic
Kerry Beck: The 5 SECRETS To Rekindling the Spirit of Christmas in Your Family If you are sick & tired of all the commercialism around Christmas these days, Kerry will share some practical ways to help refocus your family. This may be the most important workshop you’ll watch this entire year! Kerry Beck, Director of Christian Parenting Association, will help you prepare for Advent & Christmas this year.

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Saturday at 10:00 pm Atlantic
Hal and Melanie Young: ” We Gather Together: Building Unity Not Stress in the Holidays.€ Do you feel stressed when you think about the holidays? Finances, busy-ness, family expectations and outside commitments are enough to make anyone anxious, but these times are also a unique opportunity to build family unity and point your children to Christ in a way they’ll never forget. Join Hal & Melanie, parents of 8 children from adult to infant, as they discuss easy, fun ways you can get rid of the bickering and tensions and instead, make traditions that will draw your family’s hearts to home


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