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Fibre Friday: Sewing a Frozen Elsa Costume Part 2

Fibre Friday
Last Friday, I shared the beginnings of the dance version of a Frozen Elsa costume I’m making: Fibre Friday – Sewing a Frozen Elsa Costume Part 1. It’s dance competition season and my daughter will be wearing it for her lyrical dance solo. I’m not finished yet! Some of the hand sewing took quite awhile.

I finished hand sewing all the beads to the bodice. I also hand sewed the bodice to the skirt:

Frozen Elsa costume

My daughter is looking forward to helping me add sparkles to the skirt with fabric spray! I need to start making the gauzy sleeves to attach to the bodysuit that is going underneath.

And then there is Elsa’s coronation cloak. We have some lovely purple velveteen to make it out of. I have started working on the capelet part. I made a mockup out of some spare fabric:

Frozen Elsa costume

I tried hemming it, but hemming rounded edges is HARD! So a friend gave me the idea of doubling the fabric, sewing all around it and flipping it right side out (as I would do for making a pillow). It will make the capelet a little stiffer than the rest of the cloak. I will be keeping the rest of it single so the fabric flows while my daughter dances – it should be pretty easy to finish that part and hem it – it will be a simple rectangle. Hopefully I’ll be done in the next few days. I will share the finished product next week!

What have you been sewing, knitting, crocheting, or making in your home or homeschool this week? Feel free to share and link up!

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