Fall River: Classical Home Educators of Nova Scotia Monthly Meetings

A brand new monthly support group for mothers who home educate using The Well-Trained Mind or other Classically based model starts in May!  They will be held in Fall River on one Wednesday per month (excluding July, August, and December), from 7:30 – 9:30 p.m.  Some goals include:

– facilitating discussion of particular topics at each meeting (for example: how to teach writing skills, math teaching, science teaching, getting started in classical education, how to teach logic skills when you’ve never studied them yourself, etc., partly depending on the needs and children’s ages of members)

– getting to know other mothers who Classically educate

– providing a network where Moms who wish to do so could liaison with other Moms for possible teaching trades (for example: “You have a science background? You do some middle school chemistry labs with my kid, and I’ll teach your 8 year old how to spell!”)

– providing opportunities at each meeting for mothers to talk about any teaching issues that come up during the month

– providing opportunities at each meeting to relax, laugh, learn with and from each other, and eat yummy treats.

May 11th.  Meet-n-greet event.

June 8th.  Bring your favourite classical teaching resources and talk about them. This could be good preparation for the HEMS resource fair, for anyone who will go to that a few days afterwards.

If you are interested in joining this new group, contact Colleen at jcolsharpe@eastlink.ca for information on meeting location and with any questions you may have.

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