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E-Homeschooling: Embracing the E-book Revolution – Review & Free Download

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has a new, FREE E-book!  E-Homeschooling:  Embracing the E-book Revolution is a free download, which covers the why and how of buying and using e-books for homeschooling.  If you LOVE actual physical books as much as I do, you may not have actually delved into the world of e-books yet.  Well this book is for you.  In fact, there’s a thing or two for even those who have been using e-books for some time.  I started getting into e-books myself with various freebies, and before I knew it was buying them as well.  In part to save money, and in part to help minimize our book clutter.

Inside this book you’ll find tips on how to organize all those e-books on your computer, or on your shelf or in the filing cabinet.  Also included are tips for determining what to print and what not to print.  And there are some really great benefits to e-books listed, including the fact that many e-books have free updates available.  Then there’s one of my favourite benefits – clickable links to internet resources.  Are you a budding writer and wanting to dip your toes into the e-book market?   Included is a whole chapter by Heidi Strawser on how to get started!

As with many of TOS’ e-books, this one is so easy to read on the screen, with the pages being exactly the size of your screen instead of having to scroll down in the middle of sentences.  Almost everything you would want to know about e-books is included.  I would have liked to see one thing added however, on the topic of printing.  Did you know that you can save a lot of ink by changing your advanced printer settings?  Not only can you print with the "draft" option, but you can also change your settings to "less dry time" and "light ink volume" for instance so you use even less ink.  The terminology used in your printer settings may be a little different, but do experiment and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well it still prints and how much longer your print cartridge lasts.  To save even more money, you can also buy kits to refill your printer cartridge yourself – I have done this and it’s really not all that difficult.

E-Homeschooling:  Embracing the E-book Revolution is ready for download HERE.

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