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Crafting in Your Homeschool – Fibre Arts: Part One – Corking

Hand-crafting is a big part of our homeschool.  We take particular joy in the fibre arts.  Corking is a terrific first introduction to the world of fibre arts for children, as it can be done by very young children, probably as young as 3.  Corking is known by many names:  knitting spool, knitting knobby, knitting nancy, french knitter, or spool knitter.  Whatever you want to call it, it’s a fun and useful fibre craft for children and adults alike.  Corking with my children makes me a little nostalgic, as it’s something I used to do when I was a child myself.

What kinds of yarns can you use?  Any kind from acrylic to wool, to cotton or even fancy sparkly yarns or raffia.

What can you make with your finished creations?  It’s only limited by your imagination, but here are some ideas…
Bookmarks (we like putting googly eyes on ours to make them “bookworms”)
Jewelery: bracelets, anklets, rings
Rugs, mats, or quilts
Doll or Barbie clothes or rugs/mats for the dollhouse

Here’s a fantastic site which has pictures of a variety of corking tools, including how-to instructions and a list of websites where you can buy one:

Of course, you can also make your own corker.  This can be as easy as tapping 4 or more nails into the top of an empty wooden thread spool (available at craft stores).  The Pella Historical Village website has a brief description on how to make a corker yourself, as well as step-by-step pictures to show how to do corking, and a couple of projects you can make.

There are books available on corking which you can probably find at your local library.  Or do a search on corking in a search engine and see all the terrific resources that pop up.

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