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Back from Hal-Con 2014

Last weekend we went away for our annual family vacation, to Hal-Con 2014 in Halifax. I am just now finding time to post about it as we launched right back into rehearsals for A Christmas Carol when we got back home. My whole family had a wonderful time. In fact, we had a lot of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey FUN, just like this poster advertised:

Hal-Con 2014

It’s an ad, but well done, don’t you think?

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed cosplaying, my son enjoyed all the special guests, and our international student’s highlight of the weekend was the dance on Friday night – I think he put his hip hop classes to good use.

One of the high points for all of us was seeing Mark Sheppard, who is such an awesome guest that he had not one but two Q&A appearances! It was standing room only for each one. He has appeared in such Sci-Fi shows as Firefly, Doctor Who, and Supernatural and is quite the character in person. He taunted the audience, saying Canadians are not so much polite as passive aggressive. Do you think he has a point? He also shared some hilarious texts between he and his fellow co-stars on Supernatural, which has gone viral on YouTube (just beware of some colourful language if you look up the video). Here he is during the Q&A – he didn’t sit still on stage, but wandered into the crowd, much to the audience’s delight.

Hal-Con 2014

Here is my son with his favourite new toy, a sonic screwdriver. He is also sporting the Natsu scarf that was handwoven for him by his little sister:

Hal-Con 2014

Here is my daughter after we performed in the “Happy” flash mob at the parade square on Sunday. We had so much fun! She is sporting the dance version of an Elsa costume that we made together.

Hal-Con 2014

She also spent one day cosplaying as Apple Jack from My Little Pony again this year. Another highlight for my daughter was picking up these beautiful elf ears from Out of the Broom Closet in the vendor hall:

Hal-Con 2014

Paula was so wonderful, she even made these elf ears especially for little ears, on the spot. Be sure to go to Out of the Broom Closet on Facebook if you would like some for yourself or your little one! I see an elf cosplay coming up in future!

We also enjoyed playing board games, role playing games, and video games all weekend. Here are my daughter and I at the very end of Hal-Con on Sunday night as we waited for my hubby to bring the car around. I’m dressed in Medieval/Renaissance garb.

Hal-Con 2014

Hal-Con 2014 was an amazing time! We can’t wait for Hal-Con 2015. If you’re planning on going, watch for those tickets to go on sale because they sold out this year! And if you happen to live closer to Cape Breton, watch for Caper Con in September, 2015!

Have you attended a Sci-Fi, fantasy, comic con this year? Please let me know in the comments below!

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