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The Schoolhouse Expo and Teens in Business

Just in case you don’t already get regular mailings from The Old Schoolhouse.  I’d like to share with  you something I received:  Teens in Business: Beyond the Lemon Stand.  In this article, Gena Suarez shares about her two teenage sons who have started their own businesses.  Homeschooling is terrific, because it gives students the time they need to get involved in endeavours such as this.  My own “tween” son will shortly be launching his own chain mail creations online and locally, as soon as he has created enough inventory 🙂  Do you have a teen?   Then you’re going to LOVE this May’s Schoolhouse Expo!   There are many sessions that you’re going to want your teen to listen in on with you, in the:

AND Are you or your teen interested in starting or do you have your own business?  Then you’re not going to want to miss this either:

Remember, from now until February 9th, you can get a ticket for just $19.50 (regular $39.oo) .  Your ticket includes all the live sessions, over $300 worth of downloads AND once the Expo is over, you can listen again and again to downloads of ALL the sessions!

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