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Wow, what a great website!

A teenage son of a friend of mine just shared this website with me.  Sporcle: Mentally Stimulating Diversion.  It’s absolutely terrific for homeschoolers!   Start with the “search for a game” box and type in something like “Canada” for instance, and up will pop a game such as “Canadian Capitals”.    And you’ll see this…

Can you name the capitals of the provinces and territories of Canada?

  • Enter the matching capital in the box below
  • Correctly named capitals will show up below

You’ve got 3 minutes after you hit the start button.

…plus you’ll see a map of Canada.  What a great and fun way to test your Geographical knowledge 🙂  Plus, you can try and beat your time each time!  If you run out of time or hit “give up”, you’ll see all the answers.

But it’s not just for Geography!  How about Foreign Languages, History, Music, Literature, and even fun things like movie trivia!  If you don’t see a game for something you’d like to cover, go ahead and click on “Create” and make one!  After you do some educational games, you could let your child have some fun with other games like “Movie Characters by Lego” trivia.  Enjoy!

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