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TOS Crew Blog Walk: Week 16

It’s time to visit some more blogs belonging to my wonderful TOS Homeschool Crew-mates!

1. Our Best Daze – Marie homeschools four children, from Pre-K to Gr. 5 and lives in Virginia.

2. The Joy of School – Martha homeschools a 6 year old son and a 9 year old daughter.  I love the name of her blog 🙂

3. Spell Outloud –  Maureen Spell is a homeschooling mother of 6.  She likes to share toddler/preschooler activities, homeschool projects, themes, and free printables.

4. to the sea with me – Melanie homeschools her four children aged 3 through 10.

5. Half Dozen Mama – Melissa homeschools her six children and enjoys blogging about all things “green and cheap.”

6. Mission Possible – Merit shares about homeschooling for High School

7.Homeschooling My Miracles – Michelle homeschools her three children, in Gr. Pre-K to Gr. 3.

8. Beyond The Silver and The Gold – A Filipino Family’s Homeschool Journey – Michelle is one of the international crew-mates (I love that we’re not all just in North America)!  Michelle homeschools her four children.

9. My Own Sense and Sensibility – Mindy B. homeschools her three children using the Sonlight curriculum.

10. Happily Homeschooling – Mona Lisa has two children and I love the gorgeous photos she has taken.


Love, Luck &


Kimberly is a homeschooling mother of two living with her dear husband of over 25 years in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She works from home as a homeschool coach and offers OBM, writing, editing, social media, and tech services. In her free time she likes to hand-spin, knit, read, volunteer in local theatre, and horseback ride.

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  2. Hi Kimberly. I am just stopping by from the crew. I wanted to let you know that the info you have for “Homeschooling My Miracles” is incorrect…Molly is my daughter’s name, my name is Michelle. I guess I should create a signature for my posts so people know my name! It’s not a big deal, just wanted to let you know.

  3. Whoops, I’ll fix that for you right now, Michelle 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

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