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The Schoolhouse Expo: Day 4 Wrapup

Day 4 was another great day at The Schoolhouse Expo live online.  I’ve been making some new friends in the live chat, and getting to chat with some old ones.  There was a bit of a kink in the schedule, as Dari Mullins informed the Expo that her car had broken down and she was stranded on the road.  Thankfully, Kim Kautzer agreed to fill in with an additional one-hour presentation after her first one, and Dari’s presentation on “STRESS and the Homeschool Mom” will be recorded and available in the Expo-to-Go as an MP3 file!

Some of the highlights from Day 4…

  • Kim Kautzer of WriteShop started off the Expo with a talk about “Teaching the Timed Essay”.  This not only would come in handy for any students taking the SAT test, but also great preparation for university exams.  She broke down writing a timed essay into 4 steps: Timing, Planning, Writing, and Revising.  This information certainly would have come in handy for me when I was writing my university exams – I think I tended just to launch right into writing and skipped the first two steps!  She then shared a great overview of teaching writing, for K-12.
  • Deborah has been sharing Biblical devotions all week.  On day 4, she shared on “The Heart of the Matter”.  She urged us to praise the Lord with our whole heart, and reminded us that “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”.  We need to renew our focus on God on a continuous basis.  Today, she recommended a number of resources: the book “From This Verse by Robert J. Morgan and the websites,, and more.
  • Barbara Beers of Schola Publications spoke on the History of English.  I find all of this fascinating and thoroughly enjoyed her talk.  Did you know that our early modern English began between 1500-1800?  Or that the Dutch gave us the navigational terms in the English language? Or that while German is the basis of our common English vocabularly,only about 30% of all our vocabulary is German-based, with about 60% being Latin based?

I’m about to join in on the LAST DAY of the Schoolhouse Expo!  While I’m sad that it’s the last day, I am looking forward to being able to listen to the sessions again in just a couple of weeks when I receive the Expo to Go MP3 files 🙂

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