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Homeschooling Through the Winter Doldrums

Ah, winter … short, sunless days, the ice, the cold … Have you hit the dreaded winter doldrums in your homeschool yet? You feel like you can’t go another day without the sun and daydream about Disney, the kids have cabin fever, it’s difficult to get the them motivated to do their homeschool work, and you’re all on edge and snapping at each other! I’m right there with you, right now! I’m writing this as much to encourage myself as you. So, what can we do to snap out of the winter doldrums?

Homeschooling Through the Winter Doldrums

New curriculum

Part of the doldrums at this time of year is a feeling of the same old routine. Eat breakfast, start with math, then writing, have lunch, read, and do science. Day in, day out … it can become monotonous. You can mix things up with a new curriculum. Of course, you don’t have to change your whole curriculum! Grab a new unit study or a new read-aloud. It doesn’t have to be fancy or costly, it can even be free! For some ideas, check out my Reviews and Free Homeschooling Resources posts.

New approach

Mix things up with a new approach. Have you been reading books together? Try an audio book instead. There are some great audiobooks out there that are well done and so entertaining! An audio book can also get your resistant teen reading. You can even download them free from your local library system.

How about injecting some drama (the good kind) into your homeschool? Bring books to life with drama. Ask your kids to act out a scene from a book or play you’ve been reading. Work on sewing some simple costumes together and go all out.

Take a day off

It doesn’t have to be a public school snow day to take a day off! Surprise your kids with a day off anytime, or if the day just isn’t starting off well and you’re all miserable, declare a day off on the spot. Do something fun together as a family such as skiing or sledding, or hitting an indoor play place. Alternatively, let the kids work on whatever they like while you catch up on some reading or do something you enjoy. Don’t feel guilty, even if you take a week off! Remember that there are plenty of days in the public school system eaten up by assemblies, videos, snow days, and PD days … you too can take a PD Day!

Have some fun in your homeschool again and before you know it, spring will be in the air.

Are you struggling through the winter doldrums? What are some things you do to help snap out of it? Please let me know in the comments below! And check out the giveaway, below, which starts January 28th!

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