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Birdwatching, Dartmouth, Jan 23 & Birdwatching Resources

The Young Naturalist’s Club of Nova Scotia invites everyone to join them on a Bird Watching Walk at Sullivan’s Pond, Crichton Street, Dartmouth, on Sunday 23 January at 1pm.  The volunteer leader is Professor Patrick Kelly, an active member of the Nova Scotia Bird Society.

Please email Laura at to notify her that you plan to attend the field trip. If it is pouring rain on Sunday, plans may change.

It would be extremely helpful to have BINOCULARS.  Bringing a snack is a good idea. Please dress very warmly.  Here are some toasty tips that the Young Naturalists learned at a Winter Survival presentation by the Department of Natural Resources:

* Ideally, the layer of clothing next to your skin should not be cotton because cotton holds moisture, which makes you cold. Good alternatives are sports tops, fleece or long underwear (often made of polypropolyene, silk, or wool).
* Socks made a huge difference!  Try not to wear cotton socks.  Wear wool socks or synthetic socks that stay warm even when they’re wet.

If you would like to learn more about bird songs, here are two sites
recommended by the Audubon Society:

Guide to North American Bird Songs and Sounds to help you identify bird
songs from simple to complex, with audio recordings.

BirdSong Mnemonics: Ways to remember bird songs

Thanks, Laura, for the links!  I would like to add Dendroica: An Aid to Identifying North American Birds

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