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The Schoolhouse Expo: Last Day Wrapup

Alas, The Schoolhouse Expo is all over.  What a terrific final day we had: SO many wonderful speakers and then a big giveaway extravaganza at the very end, and what prizes!  It’s so hard to choose just a few highlights from the final day, but here I go…


  • Jennifer Courtney from Classical Conversations shared all about the Classical method of homeschooling.  Since we have a Classical homeschool, this talk was thoroughly enjoyable for me.  She addressed some of the misconceptions about the Classical method, and mentioned that it is about nurturing ALL the parts of the child, and that Classical educators don’t need to curriculum surf, they just need to think.  The Trivium, or three parts that make up a Classical method of education include The Grammar, Dialectic, and Rhetoric.  I love how Jennifer summed these up.  Grammar means input, and once you have mastered the grammar, you can pay attention. The Logic or Dialectic stage means understanding.  The Rhetoric or wisdom stage means passing on knowledge to others.  As Aristotle said: Teaching is the highest form of understanding.
  • Diana Waring’s talk was a really high-energy, inspirational session about enjoying learning.  She made that point that we don’t teach children, we help them learn and that education is not something we do TO students.  She talked about two different types of teachers:  the Controller who yells at the student, uses parroted responses, shame, and  one-size-fits-all approach, and the Facilitator who is responsive, honours & enjoys the individual student, leads them to water & lets THEM drink!  Diana reminded us that our children are made by God Himself and that we have to work at ENJOYING our students 🙂
  • Zan Tyler of Apologia finished up the Expo with a talk on Biblical Worldview.  In introducing her, it was mentioned that the Tyler family was threatened with jail time when they started homeschooling in South Carolina, and they had to fight to legally homeschool.  I sometimes forget that homeschoolers who came before us had to fight so hard to have homeschooling recognized.  The Tyler family then went on to homeschool for 21 years: K-12.  Zan explained that our Worldview is simply the sum of our beliefs about the world, the big  picture that directs our daily decisions & actions.  Our Worldview brings focus & gives direction.  If we don’t fully understand our worldview ourselves, we need to learn along with our children.  Zan used the example of Daniel in the Bible and how his Biblical foundation saw him through.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend The Schoolhouse Expo this week, you can still purchase The Expo To Go, and listen to the MP3 files when they come out in the next couple of weeks AND get a whole bunch of downloadable freebies.  I’m looking forward to listening to some of my favourite sessions over and over, and am already looking forward to the next Schoolhouse Expo in the fall!

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The Schoolhouse Expo: Day 3 Wrapup

There are just two more days left of The Schoolhouse Expo live online.  The week is going by so fast!  My children and hubby will probably like when things get back to normal next week and *I* am the one making supper LOL.

Every day of the Expo, I keep thinking “it can’t get any better than this” and then it does!  After we were inspired in the Word with Deb first thing, Dianne Craft was next, and I love her sessions!  Here are some of the highlights for me on day 3…

  • Dianne Craft spoke on the topic “My Child Doesn’t Learn Like the Others”, on Right-brain learning.  Something interesting that I hadn’t heard before is that we tend to marry a person who is right-brained if we’re left brained and vice versa.  Not only that, but when we have children, if the first one is left-brained, the next is right and so on.  Fascinating!  I got all sorts of fantastic ideas to teach my child who is visually oriented – things I can transfer to my job as a music teacher as well 🙂  By the way, kinesthetic learners are always visual, so if your child spins like a top (like my daughter), she’s probably visual (right-brained)!  There was SO much to this presentation, so it’s a must-listen-to if you’re someone who will be getting the Expo-to-Go!  You can listen to and view some audio and You-tube samples on Dianne’s Vendor page.
  • It was a real blessing to listen to Jim Weiss’ presentation about story-telling.  Wow, I didn’t know what a gem he was – what a storyteller – he really entertained and informed us all!  I would love to get a hold of some of the audio stories that he has available.  He went step by step through the structure of telling a story and what to include.  This information could easily also be used to help structure writing of a story – I will be having my children listen to the MP3 download of this session with me when they become available in June.  You can listen to Jim’s wonderful voice and get his free-shipping special on his stories at the Jim Weiss Vendor page.
  • It was so affirming to listen to Dr. Ray from NHERI speak about Current Research on Homeschooling.  He shared that many dozens of studies have been done on academic achievement and the results are consistent: homeschoolers perform head and shoulders above their public schooled peers.  For instance, for the past four years, homeschoolers have outperformed public schoolers in the ACT test.  Also encouraging is the information on homeschoolers who grow up and become adults and vote in larger numbers and participate in ongoing community service in larger numbers than the general populace 🙂  You can visit to learn more about homeschooling studies and also to  sign up for their informative newsletter.

There were so many great moments on Day 3, and I’m excited about attending Day 4 in just a few moments!

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The Schoolhouse Expo: Day 2 Wrapup

There were a couple of laugh out loud moments on Day 2 of the Expo 🙂  For instance, one of the lovely TOS MC’s, while introducing a speaker, had her 3 year old giggling in the background – so nice to know that other homeschooled children are normal too!

I’ve really been enjoying the chat box that is open throughout the Expo.  Being able to chitchat with hundreds of other homeschoolers is just priceless.  Everyone is encouraging and supporting each other, not to mention making each other laugh 🙂

And wow, the speakers we had on Tuesday!  And I thought Monday’s speakers were inspirational!  Some of the highlights for me…

  • Susan Wise Bauer gave us her “A Plan for Teaching Writing”  with a focus on the high school years. You can find the slides for this presentation (the entire K-12) on The Well-Trained Mind website. I love that she explained what a thesis statement was, and a non-thesis statement (which she called a “duh thesis” lol).  She also had a good little tip: students should have a good thesaurus on hand when writing (a real paper thesaurus, such as Roget’s was recommended).  I have heard Susan speak before, and I LOVE attending her presentations!
  • Carol Barnier of Sizzle Bop fame, gave us a VERY entertaining talk on learning styles.  I’ve heard Carol speak before and I can’t get enough of her!  Carol says that sometimes when we know what our child’s best learning style is, we serve the child up the same thing every day to teach them which can rob us of the joy of teaching – learning becomes formulaic.  Carol is a big proponent of making learning fun.  Carol says, “Our job is to become the seeker & the keeper of the keys to open their minds & grasp the concepts” and she urges us to try different things, to teach in a variety of ways and see what works.  I particularly LOVE Carol’s “ditties” and she actually sang and “rapped” some of them for us 🙂  You can listen to Carol’s ditties on the Sizzle Bop website.  And guess what?  She has a Ditty Bugs CD coming out VERY soon!  If you want to be notified when it comes out, join the mailing list on the Sizzle Bop website or stay tuned on the Sizzle Bop Facebook page.
  • Maggie & her son Tyler Hogan of Bright Ideas Press (creators of WonderMaps!) gave a chat on being an entrepreneur – whether you want to be one as a homeschool parent, or your tween/teen wants to get started.  As an entrepreneur already myself, I got a real “boost” out of this session.  You can download the notes for this session by clicking on Entrepreneurs at Home here.  I am going to share with you here their 6 Reasons To Be An Entrepreneur:
  • 1) Glorify God Using Your Specific Gifts/Talents
  • 2) Learn Stewardship
  • 3) Develop Character & Work Ethic
  • 4) Learn Life Skills
  • 5) Develop Talents & Interests
  • 6) Make Money

I’m looking forward to today’s sessions for Day 3 and sharing with you what I have learned 🙂

Love, Luck &

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The Schoolhouse Expo: Day 1 Wrapup

The first day of The Schoolhouse Expo was fantastic!   Some of the highlights that excited and inspired me included:

  • Jessica Hulcy of Konos shared all the wonderful hands-on things, complete with beautiful pictures, that she has done with children over the years – great ideas that anyone can incorporate in their homeschool!  She stressed that you really need to let children explore on their own (with handcuffs on and mouth taped shut sometimes LOL)
  • Molly from The Econobusters shared fantastic ideas for clever and beautiful storage solutions – you can view the handout by clicking Super Storage Solutions HERE.  Some of my favourite ideas were replacing vitamin bottles with pretty old-fashioned spice jars and using inexpensive garden fencing mounted on the garage wall as a peg board
  • Vivian Doublestein of Masters Academy of Fine Arts discussed why the old, industrial revolution method of education is outdated and our modern paradigm should have creativity at the centre.  “We are created to be creative.”  Vivian’s talk really complimented the Konos talk.  Click on ARTSWORK here to see an outline of what she discussed.

I urge you to visit The Schoolhouse Expo Vendor Hall if you haven’t already – you will not believe the freebies and discounts available from over 50 vendors!

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Schoolhouse Expo Scavenger Hunt: Everyone can participate!

The Schoolhouse Expo Scavenger Hunt!  You can participate even if you are not attending the LIVE Schoolhouse Expo!

Visit  fun and encouraging vendor booths, learn about great companies and the products they offer, and win prizes! Click here to begin the Scavenger Hunt.

Be sure to complete all three of the 2011 Scavenger Hunts:

  • Scavenger Hunt A
  • Scavenger Hunt B
  • College Fair Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunts will be open until 10pm Atlantic Time (9:00PM EDT) on Saturday, May 21, 2011. Winners will be notified by May 30, 2011. While you’re perusing the Vendor Hall, be sure to really check out  the special offers and freebies that vendors have listed – you’ll be amazed!

Don’t forget to “Like” The Schoolhouse Expo Facebook page and follow along with the Expo this week.

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The Schoolhouse Expo starts in less than 15 hours!

The Schoolhouse Expo starts at 2pm Atlantic (1pm Eastern) on Monday, May 16th!  There are LOADS of fantastic Door Prizes.  The Latin Road to English Grammar, a One Year Molly Membership from Econobusters, Logo Adventures from MotherBoard Books, and WonderMaps (which I’m posting a review on shortly) just to name a few – wow!

If you didn’t get your LIVE ticket in time (they’re all sold out), you can buy an Expo to Go for just $19.99 US.  You will receive all the downloadable MP3 files just a few weeks after the Expo ends, and you can listen to them whenever and wherever you want.

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The Schoolhouse Expo – May 16-20 – News!

I’m so excited! In just 3 weeks The Schoolhouse Expo will be here!  The Schoolhouse Expo Live tickets are all sold out as of today.  But, you can still purchase an Expo to Go and get access to MP3 recordings of each session held during the 2011 Spring Expo! The Expo to Go is just $19.99 US and you can enjoy all 40+ sessions, whenever it’s convenient for you.

Whether you’re attending live or “to-go”, visit the Vendor Hall tab of the Schoolhouse Expo website now.  You won’t believe all the freebies and discounts offered by almost 100 vendors!  Knowledge Quest offers 25% off all their products.  Timberdoodle offers a free book with any purchase.  Schola Publications (Latin Road/Phonics Road) offers free shipping.  And there’s so much more, so be sure to check it out.

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Schoolhouse Expo Pre-show Webinar April 12!

It’s just one month until the Schoolhouse Expo!  But we don’t have to wait that long, the final pre-show webinar is today!

Here’s the schedule for the evening:

5:30 – 6:30pm Atlantic (4:30 – 5:30 p.m. Eastern)
Tricia Goyer – Spread the Word: Building Your Writing Career from Scratch

6:30-7:30 Atlantic (5:30 – 6:30 p.m. Eastern)
Tricia Goyer and Heidi St. John – From the Knees Up: Praying For and Romancing Your Spouse

8:00 – 9:00pm Atlantic (7:00 – 8:00 p.m. Eastern)
Dianne Craft – My Child Doesn’t Learn Like My Others: Right Brain Strategies
(part one)

9:00 – 10:00 Atlantic (8:00 – 9:00 p.m. Eastern)
Andrew Pudewa – Nature Deficit Disorder: Causes, Consequences, & Cures

You can find complete details on the Schoolhouse Expo website and also the FAQ page.  If you haven’t yet bought a ticket, it’s not too late to attend both the Pre-show and the Live May Expo for just $39.00.  Hurry, there are only 200 tickets left!

Love, Luck &

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Reflections on the Schoolhouse Expo March Preshow & Freebies

Last night was the March Pre-show for the upcoming Schoolhouse Expo. I had a fantastic time listening to the speakers and chatting with other homeschoolers!  The Expo also gave away some fabulous prizes.

The first speaker was Terri Johnson, of Knowledge Quest, Inc. spoke about Should We Teach With Tech? Although using technology like computers isn’t strictly necessary to teach your children, it sure can be a lot of fun.  Terri shared information on internet filters and how to protect your children while they’re using technology. I have downloaded a whole bunch of great apps for my iPod touch that she showed us she uses on her own iPad. And guess what, The Knowledge Quest, Inc. vendor booth features a few freebies for you to download – hurry on over because one of them expires March 20th: Knowledge Quest, Inc. vendor booth

Malia Russell of Homemaking 911 spoke about Home Business and Homeschooling: The Dynamics of Delegation . Coming up in May at the Schoolhouse Expo, Malia will be speaking on:  Momprenuer – Using Social Media to Grow Your Home Business. I run a few of my own home businesses, so I gleaned plenty of tips to make my household run more smoothly while homeschooling.  I really like her idea of hiring a personal assistant as your business grows.  Malia has some freebies available on the Expo page as well: Homemaking 911 vendor booth

Mary Jo Tate of was the last speaker of the night, sharing How Do You Do It All: Balancing Family Life and Home Business. I loved her ideas about planning your year, about sticking with your routines, and making lists.  Mary Jo also offers support for single moms.  Check out her freebies: Mary Jo Tate vendor booth

If you were not able to attend, those with Expo tickets will have access to the recorded sessions via the Expo To Go for the 2011 Schoolhouse Expo that will be released in June after the May sessions.  You can also purchase just the Expo to Go.  Go to The Schoolhouse Expo site for more information.  And don’t forget, the next event is the April 12th Pre-show!

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Schoolhouse Expo: Last chance to get your ticket for $19.50!

Today is the last day to get your Schoolhouse Expo ticket for just $19.50!  As of midnight Easter Time today, February 9th, the price goes up to $29.00 and the Bonus Freebies are gone.

What do you get with your $19.50 ticket?  The Expo doesn’t stop with live online sessions from terrific speakers!  TOS, loves to give gifts ! They have put together a package of free gifts to inspire, delight, and enliven your homeschool.

In addition, when you buy a live ticket, you’ll not only be purchasing admission to the May Schoolhouse Expo, but you’ll also receive the MP3 recordings of each May 2011 session after the Expo with your members-only access at the Expo To Go website.

Get your ticket today and receive even more. During the Early Bird Sale, your live Expo ticket comes with a BONUS pack of freebies–valued at over $100!  I just downloaded the Bonus freebies myself.  Wow: Astronomy, Spelling, Nature and more!

Don’t miss out, buy your ticket today!

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