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Homeschooling Your Child with Special Needs

homeschooling your child with special needs

Homeschooling Your Child with Special Needs

Are you considering homeschooling your child with special needs? Many parents choose to homeschool their children with various special needs such as autism, ADHD, Downs Syndrome, giftedness, diabetes, and deafness.

A friend of mine started homeschooling her special needs child a few years ago, because his medical issues made being in the classroom downright dangerous. A simple fall could be deadly and the public school wasn’t willing to out necessary measures into effect. We started homeschooling our son in part because he was playing chess at age three and was bored when we put him into public school for his Kindergarten/Primary year.

The article, Homeschool Best Option for More and More Families With Special Needs Children, mentions a poll of homeschoolers that found 38% were homeschooling special needs children. If you are homeschooling your child with special needs, you’re not alone! Here is another article, sharing Perspectives on Teaching Special Needs for some encouragement from fellow homeschoolers.

If you are homeschooling your child with special needs, there are resources you can take advantage of:

I hope this helps you on your journey, whether you are homeschooling a child with special needs or considering it. Check out more articles on Meeting Your Child’s Learning Needs at The Canadian Homeschooler website.


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A Super Duper Way to Homeschool – Review & Giveaway!

Super Duper Review & Giveaway!

superduperSuper Duper® Publications offers fantastic learning tools, including ones specifically designed for children with learning disabilities. Whether you’re a parent, a teacher, or a homeschooler, you’ll find something for your child, whether they have a learning disability or not. These learning tools are disguised as fun and games and that’s my favourite way of homeschooling!  Previously only available to educators and child therapists, Super Duper’s eCatalog is now open to you, to browse everything from software to games and even iPhone Apps.

fd108I chose to review the Basic Proofing and Editing Super Fun Deck, designed for Gr 3-8, for my 9 year old daughter, in exchange for an honest review. She was absolutely thrilled when we received the package in the mail. She gleefully began using it right then and there – I had trouble getting her to put it away to eat supper!

Basic Proofing and Editing Super Fun Deck consists of 100 double-sided 4″x7″ cards, four mini write-on-wipe-off markers (complete with eraser on each cap), game & lesson ideas, and a secret decoder, all in a handy tin. So how does this super fun deck work? The card deck is divided into five sections – four using the COPS mnemonic (C=Capitalization, O=Overall Appearance, P=Punctuation, and S=Spelling) and a fifth section with a mix of the four error types.  Side A has three sentences: Sentence 1 has one error; Sentence 2 has two errors; and Sentence 3 has three or more errors.  Side B has a paragraph with five or more errors. Each card has a number of possible “errors” highlighted in yellow. The student uses a dry erase marker to circle or correct the errors (we chose to correct them), and then uses the Secret Decoder to check the answers. The words that needed editing will turn red under the Secret Decoder light. What a fun way to improve students’ proofing and editing skills! My daughter is downright eager to use the Secret Decoder! Her favourite cards are the Spelling cards.

I LOVE that everything comes contained in a handy tin – nice and neat and easy to stow – no mess! And everything’s reusable – just wipe it off with a tissue and it’s ready to be used over again. Unfortunately on the second day, the decoder no longer worked. Since there were no instructions for it, I hadn’t realized it could be locked in the off position and I suspect it ended up running constantly in the box and ran out of batteries. I found the instructions afterward online here, complete with instructions and even a video for replacing the battery, hooray! (I hope in future they include a note or some instructions with shipment though.)

You can watch a video all about the Super Fun Deck on the Super Duper Youtube Channel:

In addition to Youtube, you can check out Super Duper Publications on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. And you may especially want to also check out Super Duper’s award winning game, Jeepers Peepers, which has received EIGHT awards, including the Good Housekeeping Best Toy Award!

The Super Duper Basic Proofing & Editing Super Fun Deck is $29.95 US. Super Duper Publications offers FREE shipping to the US AND Canada with a $20 minimum order.  AND save 15% off through March 31st on any purchase with Promo Code: KSBLOG149

I have great news! One of my readers is going to win a $50 US certificate to spend at the Super Duper Publications store! Sign in below with either Facebook or your email address and then simply follow the Punchtab directions to enter. This is open to Canada and the US until March 12th at 11pm Atlantic Time (10pm ET). Good luck!


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New Planners for 2011-12! Including one for Special Needs

Need a tool to help maintain a well-organized home and homeschool?
Want to get your kids organized too?

Get ready to plan another great year with The 2011-2012 Schoolhouse Planner, the brand-new 2011-12 Special Needs Schoolhouse Planner, and our 2011-12 Student Schoolhouse Planners for students in kindergarten to high school.
“It’s only March; why do I need to think of the new school year already?” you ask.
When you get a jump-start on the next school year today, you get great deals and freebies on The 2011-12 Schoolhouse Planner and Special Needs Schoolhouse Planner.
There are all-new forms to make planning and organizing the new school year a breeze! Customizing this year’s Planner is easy. Just type right into blank
interactive fields and save to begin adding personal information at your leisure.
Design a planner to fit each of your family members. The printable feature allows you to select only the pages you need so that your planner is as efficient and useable as it can be. If you’re not a fan of E-Books and prefer a physical copy, not to worry, just print and bind according to your needs. The new school year brings all-new challenges–start preparing today with our interactive Planners, in E-Book form or on CD!
Keep reading to find which planner fits your needs. And remember, this pre-sale is a limited-time offer, so buy today! As always, there is free shipping in the Schoolhouse Store!
All-new for 2011-2012 . . . our biggest, most extensive planner, the planner that will help you
organize your homeschool and your home!  The 2011-2012 Schoolhouse Planner 


Preorder now and save BIG! Available on CD or in E-Book format! Just $22 for the E-Book
(a $17 savings!) or $27 for the CD (a $15 savings). Plus you’ll receive a bonus with your order . . .
keep reading to learn more about this special offer.  It takes tremendous effort and planning to
prepare for a new homeschool year. With the organizational help of The 2011-12 Schoolhouse Planner,
all your hard work is sure to yield rewarding results. Take the “work” out of planning your
homeschool days with the ease and efficiency that The 2011-12 Schoolhouse Planner makes possible.
This Planner is so much more than a volume of blank calendar pages.
The 2011-12 Schoolhouse Planner
is packed with:

  • Over 100 new forms.
  • Supportive information.
  • Clever charts.
  • Practical helps.
  • And much more!

You’ll find lists for everything from blog post ideas to childhood memories. Enjoy endless brainstorming with 50 new list-style forms designed to inspire you the whole year through.
New 2011-12 list-style forms will help you:

  • Develop good habits and build character with the new “Self-Improvement” list.
  • Keep track of recipes you’d like to try.
  • Prepare for important phone calls and remember what was discussed with the new “Phone Conversation Details” list.
  • Remember all those precious and funny things your children do and say with the new “Children’s Sayings or Accomplishments I Want to Remember” list.
  • List your current prayer requests and Scripture references in the new “Personal Prayer Scripture Reference” form.
  • Arrive at your next co-op event equipped with the new list of “Questions for Fellow Homeschoolers.”
  • And so much more!

Take a sneak peek here!


Every year we work hard to make the Schoolhouse Planner bigger and better–a creative, thorough, handy tool to help you stay organized and have peace of mind. This year is no exception.
Look at all the new content:

  • 5 new forms to help you organize your technological resources
  • 4 new forms to help you manage money wisely (and teach your kids this important life skill too)
  • 3 new forms to give you the organization you need to be the queen of your kitchen
  • 3 new forms to foster family pride by establishing family goals, planning family vacations, and recording family tree information
  • 3 new forms to record important medical information, including medications and family medical history
  • 6 new forms to equip you with the organizational tools needed to run a successful home business
  • 16 new forms to help you focus on getting ready for the holidays
  • And even more!

Anyone who purchases The 2011-12 Schoolhouse Planner will also receive our Useful Excerpts E-Book for free! That’s a $25 value!



With Useful Excerpts you will be able to:


  • Read through tons of excellent articles!
  • Find loads of encouragement and inspiration!
  • Try yummy recipes!


As soon as the Planner is released, we’ll notify you by email and send the instructions for downloading the PDF. While you wait, you can download Useful Excerpts! This offer ends soon–order your copy of The 2011-12 Schoolhouse Planner now!

Free Bonus!

Purchase The 2011-12 Schoolhouse Planner or The 2011-12 Special Needs Schoolhouse Planner and you will also receive Useful Excerpts, an enormous bonus for you to cherish all year long, featuring . . .


Articles from homeschool experts covering every subject:

  • The Value of Reading the Classics by Amelia Harper of
    HomeScholar Books™.
  • The Heart and Soul of Creative Writing by Daniel Schwabauer,
    creator of the One Year Adventure Novel Writing Curriculum.
  • Ten Keys to Success Learning Math in the Decimal System by Steve Demme of MathUSee.
  • Solving Your Science Struggles by Jeannie Fulbright, author of Apologia’s elementary science curriculum.
  • World Geography: A Habit in Your Homeschool by Maggie Hogan of Bright Ideas Press.
  • Timelining History by Ed and Amy Pak of Homeschool In the Woods.
  • Top 7 Reasons for Homeschoolers to Learn a Foreign Language by Anne-Claire Bocage of Tell Me More®.
  • Practical Computer Literacy for the 21st Century by Brian Richardson, founder of Click Drag Solutions.

And much more!

Delectable recipes so you can . . .

  • Enjoy super kid-friendly meals like Shiloah Baker’s recipe for
    Cheeseburger Pie
  • Feed a crowd with Diane Hornbeck’s recipe for Big Dave’s Big Family Chili.
  • Create fast and easy dishes like Maggie Hogan’s recipe for Easy Taco Soup.
  • Settle in with soothing comfort meals, including Nancy Carter’s recipe for Chicken Noodle Casserole.
  • Enjoy seasonal goodies like Debbie Palmer’s recipe for Spring Veggie Soup
    with Dill Dumplings
  • Bake delightful ethnic dishes, including Jolanthe Erb’s recipe for
    Indonesian Pork
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth with tasty desserts like Natilie Wooldridge’s recipe for Mississippi Mud Cake.
  • Put a new twist on a common pasta dish with Jennifer Sikora’s recipe for
    Fried Lasagna Bites.

And that’s just a taste of all the yummy recipes you’ll find in our new
Useful Excerpts!

Hyperlinked resource lists to help you address topics like . . .

·         Art appreciation   

·         Mathematics

·         Homeschooling the special needs child

·         Computer science and technology

·         Life skills and home economics

·         American government

·         Latin and Greek roots


And tons more!


Our 2011-12 Useful Excerpts is a $25 value, yours FREE with the purchase of The 2011-12 Schoolhouse Planner or The 2011-12 Special Needs Schoolhouse Planner. With approximately 250 pages of useful content and helpful inspiration for your school and home, we know this is a bonus feature you’re going to use and appreciate.


Do you have a special needs child?

There is a lot of work involved in raising a child with special needs. Organizing weekly therapy appointments, monitoring medications, and keeping an unfocused child on task can be daunting. That’s why we’ve developed The 2011-12 Special Needs Schoolhouse Planner to meet your unique planning requirements–now $10 off the E-Book and CD!
The 2011-12 Special Needs Schoolhouse Planner is packed with all-new forms. These extremely useful forms, lists, activities, and ten amazing articles were created specifically for families with a special needs child. The pages of this Planner were designed to make your days, weeks, months, and year go more smoothly. Here’s a small peek at what you’ll find:
  • A daily schedule specialized for your child’s unique needs
  • A form for tracking therapy goals
  • Service animal record
  • Medical tests record
  • A weekly behavior chart to keep track of certain types of behavior and possible triggers
  • Allergy record
  • Medication record

One of the exciting features included is a homeschool IEP! This is a HUGE resource that we know will bless your family. These 13 special pages create an individualized education plan for the special needs homeschool.
“Homeschooling a special needs child comes with its own unique challenges. Juggling school, therapy, and doctor appointments can keep a special needs homeschooling parent fairly busy. Then, of course, there’s the challenge to stay organized. That’s where our brand-new 2011-12 Special Needs Schoolhouse Planner comes in.


The 2011-12 Special Needs Schoolhouse Planner was specifically created with the special needs parent and child in mind. We’ve worked very hard to bring the special needs parent an extensive collection of articles and helpful forms that not only will aid in organization, but also will help you teach and care for your special needs child or children. We’ve included articles from well-known authors in the special needs community, as well as articles from moms just like you, who share about their personal experiences with their special needs children.


We have forms to help keep track of therapy sessions, doctor appointments (and goals for your child), helpful homeschool forms, forms to help your child complete daily tasks independently, and many, many more. Plus, we have included for the first time ever in the Schoolhouse Planner an interactive homeschool individualized education plan. This unique planner will be your helping hand throughout the school year. We’ve consulted with many parents and professionals in the special needs community to create a planner that you want, a planner that will assist you with the unique lifestyle and challenges that go along with homeschooling a special needs child.

–Jodi Holstead, Special Needs Planner Creator


Take a sneak peek of the Planner here.



We’re also giving you Useful Excerpts, an enormous bonus for you to cherish all year long, featuring . . .

  • Great articles of encouragement.
  • Yummy recipes.
  • Several resource lists for further study.

As soon as the Planner is released, we’ll notify you by email and send the instructions for downloading the PDF. While you wait, you can download Useful Excerpts.


Plus we’re sharing another freebie, the E-Book titled Someplace Called Special, A Look at Homeschooling Special Needs Children, a $12.45 value. Find help in the 115 pages of stories and articles relating to these special needs: dyslexia, ADHD, deafness, Asperger’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, gifted children, lupus, sensory processing disorder, and visual processing disorder. Rich in encouragement and practical honesty, Someplace Called Special is a true gem for mothers of special needs children.


The planner is available on CD or in E-Book format! Just $19 for the E-Book or $24 for the CD. Preorder now to save $10 and receive these fabulous bonus gifts!

With a great number of helpful, versatile, and interactive forms just like you’d expect from the Schoolhouse Planner line,

Introducing the 2011-12 Schoolhouse Planners for kindergarten to high school students. Your choice of . . .
Primary Schoolhouse Planner  

Intermediate Schoolhouse Planner

High School Schoolhouse Planner

You won’t be able to fully realize the incredible value packed into these planners until you see them. They’re so comprehensive; you’ll have to see them to believe it! 

Help your children plan
the best year ever!


Why not bring some consistency to your homeschool this year and empower your children at the same time by putting planning tasks right into their hands?

Children of all ages can benefit by learning the time-saving skills of organization.


Give your elementary students the planning resources they need to make this year a great success. Preorder The 2011-12 Primary Schoolhouse Planner, which includes new forms such as these:

  • Kid’s Financial Record
  • Field Trip Report form
  • Story starters
  • A children’s picture book list

Along with your favorites from last year:

  • Daily and weekly schedule forms
  • Monthly calendar pages
  • Attendance chart
  • Bible memorization record
  • Book report forms
  • Journal pages with spaces for drawings
  • And tons more!

Take a look at the sample here!
Available on CD or in E-Book format–just $9.95 for the E-Book or $14.95 for the CD.

Those “growing up” years are full of changes and uncertainty–just ask your intermediate student! Preorder The 2011-12 Intermediate Schoolhouse Planner today and help your 5th-8th grade students learn time-management skills.

Look for these great new features:

  • Kid’s Financial Record
  • Field Trip Report form
  • Product license numbers record (for CD-ROMs)

Plus your favorites from last year’s planner:

  • Daily and weekly schedule forms
  • Extracurricular activity schedule
  • Loads of must-know information lists
  • Course of study
  • Journal pages
  • Book report forms
  • And tons more!

    Take a sneak peek here! Available on CD or in E-Book format! Pay just $19 for the E-Book or $24 for the CD.



High school is the time to prepare for the future. When you give your high school student The 2011-12 High School Schoolhouse Planner, you will be helping him develop important lifelong skills, such as establishing priorities and practicing good time management. This year we’ve included new forms for high school students, including these:


  • Schedule for commitments as a volunteer
  • How to create your own course, both full- and half-credit versions (2 forms)
  • Kid’s Financial Record
  • Four-year high school course of study
  • Product license numbers record (for CD-ROMs
  • Periodic Table of Elements

Plus your favorite features from last year’s High School Schoolhouse Planner:  


  • Assignment and attendance charts
  • Website login/password references
  • Bible study notes
  • Getting into college checklist
  • Calendar for the next four years
  • Extracurricular activities log
  • And that’s not all!

Take a sneak peek here! Available on CD or in E-Book format! Pay just $29 for the E-Book or $24 for the CD.



Purchase The 2011-12 Schoolhouse Planner E-Book for only $24 and receive the fantastic bonus Useful Excerpts, which is packed with helpful information for your homeschool. Plus, save 44% off the regular price now!
Purchase The 2011-12 Special Needs Schoolhouse Planner, and receive two bonuses: Useful Excerpts and Someplace Called Special (E-Book). Plus, save 34% off the regular price!
Take our word for it: these are GREAT deals for The 2011-12 Schoolhouse Planner and The 2011-12 Special Needs Planner!
Unfortunately, these prices won’t last forever and neither will the bonuses. Save money by preordering today. Hurry! The special offers and bonuses expire soon!