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Let’s Learn Spanish With Speekee! Review

My children love languages.  They have enjoyed learning Spanish phrases over the years from our various International students.  I was thrilled to receive a free subscription to Speekee TV online for the last 5 weeks in exchange for an honest review 🙂

Speekee is the  puppet pictured here.  She is featured in Speekee TV and, along with other puppets, is your guide to learning Spanish for children aged 2-10.  There are 10 episodes about 18-20 minutes long each – a perfect length for young children’s attention spans.  Each episode is filmed in Spain with Spanish-speaking children.  You may turn captions on (showing the Spanish & English together on the screen) or off.  My 7 year old found the captions distracting – she couldn’t read them fast enough and wanted me to read them for her while we were watching – we found turning them off was less distracting.  Speekee TV acts as an immersion program – children pick up the words and phrases and what they mean through visuals and repetition.  At first children learn how to say hello and introduce themselves, and then continue to learn all sorts of vocabulary in places like a park, the zoo, a garden, a cafe, the home, etc.  As your children progress through the episodes, they start receiving cute little badges/awards on their screen like this one, below.

PDF downloads to print for each episode include many worksheets, i.e. fill-in-the-blank and circle type-ones.  I am not a fan of worksheets, however there are ones  that I liked, including labelling the body parts in Spanish.  Being a very visual person, I would have liked to have had a PDF of each song.  A transcript of the spoken words in each episode probably would have been useful as well, to review between viewings of Speekee TV.

I think this would be a great 10-week introduction to Spanish for children aged 2-8.  Unfortunately my children took an instant dislike to Speekee.  My 12 year old of course found it was too young for him, but I was surprised that my 7 year old protested watching Speekee TV.  However, I did catch her, music-loving soul that she is, singing the Speekee tunes all around the house, LOL.  **~Feb. 3 – Since watching Speekee ceased being a mandatory thing to do in my daughter’s homeschool workboxes, she’s been clamouring to watch Speekee daily – now she loves Speekee!  I’m not sure why she was so slow to warm up to it, but I sure am glad she loves it now 🙂 **

You can see for yourself  what your children think of Speekee online – sign up for Speekee TV now and get 2 weeks free! Speekee is then available for $7.50 US per month and soon will be offered for $75 US per year.  Speekee TV is also available on DVD, but being from the UK, the DVD’s are formatted differently and are probably not playable in most North American DVD players.

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