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A Christmas Gift & Special from Reading Kingdom

You may remember my Review of Reading Kingdom a few months ago. I am pleased to offer an exclusive, limited-time free trial and 50% discount on any subscription to the Reading Kingdom!

Try the Reading Kingdom for free for one month and if you like it, stay with the program and receive 50% off for the life of your subscription!

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4.       This offer ends on January 1st, so signup today. Remember, it’s risk free, and you can cancel at any time.

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Reading Kingdom – Review

Reading Kingdom is an online learn-to-read program for children ages 4-10.  I received a free account in exchange for an honest review 🙂

Setting up Reading Kingdom was very easy and completed in about 30 seconds – both registering myself and adding my “Reader”, my 7 year old daughter.  Your child’s guide is the adorable and gentle-voiced Reading Kingdom owl:Photobucket

My daughter is already adept at using a computer and tested out of Keyboard & Mouse Training.  Since she was already at the beginner reading stage, able to read small words and sound out many larger ones,  she tested out of the Seeing Sequences test.  My daughter then completed the Skills Survey 1 and headed into “Letter Land.”  The Letter Land section involved learning keyboard geography, as well as learning how to type a period and capital letters.  This took weeks of doing a lesson a day and seemed like it would last forever, but finally she was on into Skills Survey 2 and then starting Reading Level 1.

For each Reading lesson, your child will first be asked to type the word they hear.  If they type it correctly, they move on to a new word.  If they are incorrect, they begin a series of repetitive activities to learn the word.  One of the activities involves choosing the word out of several very similar words such as in this screen shot:

Another activity is typing the missing letters.  The child is also asked to click on every example of the word in a story.  Here is an example of one of the little stories your child will read:

Each lesson is only about 5 minutes long.  The child is given the option of doing some extra activities (more of the same word) or exiting.  In order to move on to the next lesson in the same sitting you have to exit first.  In case you aren’t sitting alongside your child while they are working, Reading Kingdom sends messages to the parent’s email inbox to keep you posted on the progress of your child.  “Progress Updates” let you know when your child is done each section or level of the program.  Each Reading Level ends with a Progress Check and Review, and there are 5 Reading Levels total in the Reading Kingdom program.

Reading Kingdom was designed by Dr. Marion Blank, an expert in literacy.  Her approach is a whole language approach to reading.  Her belief is that phonics do not work – click on Reading Kingdom Approach to learn more.  I personally have seen phonics programs work for both my son (now 12, reading Tolkien & writing novels) and for my daughter.  I believe Reading Kingdom can be a great supplement or follow-up to any phonics program.  Reading Kingdom may be a great tool in particular for parents of children who just don’t seem to be “getting it” even after a phonics program.  For my daughter, already at a beginner reading level and able to sound out new words, Reading Kingdom served more as a spelling program.  She enjoyed learning to spell words that she wasn’t sure about.

Reading Kingdom has some freebies to offer.  Receive Free e-Books when you “Like” the Reading Kingdom Facebook page.  You can also subscribe to the free Reading Kingdom newsletter, full of tips on reading and educating your child.

You can try Reading Kingdom too, just set up your FREE 30-day Reading Kingdom trial right now (no credit card required) HERE.  Once you’ve set up your account you can purchase a subscription for $19.99 US per month OR $199.99 US per year, plus $9.99 per month for each additional child.  Also available at the Reading Kingdom store is a learning-to-write workbook, a book for parents called The Reading Remedy, a collection of 30 digital stories to read, and a paper-and-pencil version of The Reading Kingdom.

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