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Greenwood Area Homeschoolers Community Play Group

The Greenwood Area Homeschoolers have a Community Play Group every Wednesday.  The usual meeting place is Ocean Spirit Studio, but they also have many outings throughout the community from Wolfville to Coldbrook (and beyond).  The next two outings are as follows:

Wednesday, January 18th – Acadia Art Gallery – 10am – Meet at the gallery for a hands on fun art program put together by the Acadia art gallery staff. Smocks are generally recommended.

Wednesday, January 25th – KROCK – 10am – Tour a rock and roll radio station. Meet at their studios on Commercial Street just past the bowling alley in New Minas.

For more information on the Greenwood Area Homeschoolers, go to:

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Annapolis Valley Weekly Playgroup – Homeschool Friendly

Every Friday in Canning, a playgroup meets at Ocean Spirit Studios on Main Street, 10 – 11am.
All children must be accompanied by a parent. Format generally consists of some free running, noisy, get your wiggles out kind of play, followed by a book, a craft and a game, or a song.  Activities depend on the ages of children in attendance, their energy level and interest in the theme or craft being offered.  Participation is optional.

This is a homeschooling FRIENDLY group, but you don’t have to be homeschooling to attend. Whether your children are babies or 12 year olds, they are welcome to attend.

Planned Themes for the rest of March:

March 11 – Music
March 18 – Seeds
March 25 – Cars

Canning is relatively easy to find, off the 101 Highway in the Annapolis Valley – Exit 11 (Greenwich/Wolfville) but instead of turning into town, follow the signs to Canning and head straight across the dykes and toward the North Mountain.  So if you are in the surrounding area, feel free to join in!

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