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Mark Kistler FREE Virtual Christmas Art Camp!

Photobucket Receive a FREE GUEST PASS for Mark Kistler’s Virtual Christmas Art Camp! Simply go to and click on “Contact” at the top of the page to email Mark Kistler and request a FREE GUEST PASS.  This is a great way for you to see how your  kids like the online classes, and decide if you want to spend $19.95 registering them for the  Vacation Holiday Art Camps and other upcoming classes.  Just FYI: You do not need a camera or a microphone to attend.

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The Schoolhouse Expo: Day 2 Wrapup

There were a couple of laugh out loud moments on Day 2 of the Expo 🙂  For instance, one of the lovely TOS MC’s, while introducing a speaker, had her 3 year old giggling in the background – so nice to know that other homeschooled children are normal too!

I’ve really been enjoying the chat box that is open throughout the Expo.  Being able to chitchat with hundreds of other homeschoolers is just priceless.  Everyone is encouraging and supporting each other, not to mention making each other laugh 🙂

And wow, the speakers we had on Tuesday!  And I thought Monday’s speakers were inspirational!  Some of the highlights for me…

  • Susan Wise Bauer gave us her “A Plan for Teaching Writing”  with a focus on the high school years. You can find the slides for this presentation (the entire K-12) on The Well-Trained Mind website. I love that she explained what a thesis statement was, and a non-thesis statement (which she called a “duh thesis” lol).  She also had a good little tip: students should have a good thesaurus on hand when writing (a real paper thesaurus, such as Roget’s was recommended).  I have heard Susan speak before, and I LOVE attending her presentations!
  • Carol Barnier of Sizzle Bop fame, gave us a VERY entertaining talk on learning styles.  I’ve heard Carol speak before and I can’t get enough of her!  Carol says that sometimes when we know what our child’s best learning style is, we serve the child up the same thing every day to teach them which can rob us of the joy of teaching – learning becomes formulaic.  Carol is a big proponent of making learning fun.  Carol says, “Our job is to become the seeker & the keeper of the keys to open their minds & grasp the concepts” and she urges us to try different things, to teach in a variety of ways and see what works.  I particularly LOVE Carol’s “ditties” and she actually sang and “rapped” some of them for us 🙂  You can listen to Carol’s ditties on the Sizzle Bop website.  And guess what?  She has a Ditty Bugs CD coming out VERY soon!  If you want to be notified when it comes out, join the mailing list on the Sizzle Bop website or stay tuned on the Sizzle Bop Facebook page.
  • Maggie & her son Tyler Hogan of Bright Ideas Press (creators of WonderMaps!) gave a chat on being an entrepreneur – whether you want to be one as a homeschool parent, or your tween/teen wants to get started.  As an entrepreneur already myself, I got a real “boost” out of this session.  You can download the notes for this session by clicking on Entrepreneurs at Home here.  I am going to share with you here their 6 Reasons To Be An Entrepreneur:
  • 1) Glorify God Using Your Specific Gifts/Talents
  • 2) Learn Stewardship
  • 3) Develop Character & Work Ethic
  • 4) Learn Life Skills
  • 5) Develop Talents & Interests
  • 6) Make Money

I’m looking forward to today’s sessions for Day 3 and sharing with you what I have learned 🙂

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Mother-Daughter Online Knitting Course in Time for Mother’s Day!

If you’ve been following this blog, you may have noticed that I love knitting 🙂  So when I found out about this mother-daughter deal, just in time for Mother’s Day, I had to share!

Have you always wanted to learn to knit, or have you just started to learn?  You and your mother can take Stefanie Japel’s online knitting class together.  Click this link to buy the class & you get 50% off – PLUS – you will be sent a link to provide your mom so she can take the course with you for free – just $29.99 US for a 16-lesson knitting course for you AND your mom!

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Free Homeschool Webinar Feb 17-18 with Cindy Rushton

Secrets to Ultimate Productivity is a free live  Homeschool Seminar online February 17-18.  This is one of Cindy Rushton’s Talk-a-Latte events.  Take a much-needed break and recharge your batteries during the long month of February – click HERE to register now!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

11 AM AT (9AM CT)
TOPIC: Secrets to Ultimate Productivity
SPEAKER: Cindy Rushton

1pm AT (11AM CT)
TOPIC: Looking at the Big Picture
SPEAKER: Laura Lee Sparks

3pm AT (1PM CT)
TOPIC: Time: Managing the Unmanageable!

SPEAKER: Gerri Helms

5:30pm AT (3:30PM CT)
TOPIC: Do the Next Thing!

SPEAKER: Beth Jones

Friday, February 18, 2011

11am AT (9AM CT)
TOPIC: Trash, Trinkets or Treasures: Making Time for What Really Matters to You!

SPEAKER: Cindy Rushton

1pm AT (11AM CT)
TOPIC: Stuck? Get UP and Get MOVING!

SPEAKER: Cindy Rushton

3pm AT (1PM CT)
TOPIC: 7 Secrets to Spiritual Fitness

SPEAKER: Susan Scott

5:30pm AT (3:30 CT)
TOPIC: Make TODAY Count!

SPEAKER: Cindy Rushton

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Free Online Sewing Classes with Homeschool Blogger

Homeschool Blogger is airing the final lesson, Lesson 4, of their Beginning Sewing Series of classes on Tuesday, March 1st at 5pm AST (4pm EST)  (Previously it was set to be held Wednesday, February 16th, but there were technical difficulties).  Register now and join in!

If you miss registering for it, or have missed any of the three previous classes, the first three are currently online for your viewing pleasure.  Lesson 4 will be available for viewing on demand within the next few days 🙂

We’re so glad these classes are available, as my children and I are learning to sew this year!

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Schoolhouse Expo: Last chance to get your ticket for $19.50!

Today is the last day to get your Schoolhouse Expo ticket for just $19.50!  As of midnight Easter Time today, February 9th, the price goes up to $29.00 and the Bonus Freebies are gone.

What do you get with your $19.50 ticket?  The Expo doesn’t stop with live online sessions from terrific speakers!  TOS, loves to give gifts ! They have put together a package of free gifts to inspire, delight, and enliven your homeschool.

In addition, when you buy a live ticket, you’ll not only be purchasing admission to the May Schoolhouse Expo, but you’ll also receive the MP3 recordings of each May 2011 session after the Expo with your members-only access at the Expo To Go website.

Get your ticket today and receive even more. During the Early Bird Sale, your live Expo ticket comes with a BONUS pack of freebies–valued at over $100!  I just downloaded the Bonus freebies myself.  Wow: Astronomy, Spelling, Nature and more!

Don’t miss out, buy your ticket today!

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Register now for the May Schoolhouse Expo! AND Free Ticket Giveaway!

Registration for the TOS Homeschool Expo has opened as of today! The Expo this year runs online from May 16-20.  From now until February 9th, you can get a ticket for just $19.50 (regular $39.oo).  I am SO excited that Susan Wise Bauer, author of The Well-Trained Mind, will be a speaker again this year!  And this year, there are two special features of the Expo…

Are you heading into the high school years, or are you already there?  You’ll love the Speakers in the High School Track of the Expo!  Have your high schooler sit in on the sessions, because there will be content just for them too!

Do you run a business from home like so many of us do? 🙂  Then you’ll love the Entrepreneur/Work at Home Track sessions!  Listen to practical tips and success stories.

And there’s more!  With your $19.50 Expo ticket, you receive free downloads valued at over $200 – I am always astounded at the number and quality of these fantastic downloads!  Buy your ticket now until February 9th and you’ll get a BONUS pack of FREEBIES worth another $100 – that’s a total of $300 worth of fantastic bonuses!  I can’t wait to download mine, as always there is a ton of downloads that will bless my family beautifully, that will fit right into what we’re studying this year.

AND WOW! I am SO excited to be able to bless one of you with a FREE ticket giveaway thanks to the Schoolhouse Expo!  You will receive a separate entry for each of the following (please remember to provide me with your name and email address so I can contact you if you win):

  • Leave a comment letting me know why you’re looking forward to the Expo this year
  • “Follow” my blog, and leave a comment letting me know how (i.e. FeedBlitz, Networked Blogs)
  • “Follow” my Twitter account: UsborneBooksCB and leave a comment here letting me know
  • “Follow” the Schoolhouse Expo Blog and leave a comment here letting me know
  • “Like” the Schoolhouse Expo Facebook Page and leave a comment here letting me know

Everyone is eligible for entry in this draw, anywhere in the world 🙂  The winning ticket will include the Expo sessions, pre-shows, freebies and bonuses mentioned above, and don’t forget the chance to win door prizes at all the live sessions (physical door prizes for US/Canadian addresses only)!  The Winner will be drawn randomly from the entries below in just a few days, on January 28th!  Good luck!

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Tonight, Jan 21, “Top 10 Homeschooling Mistakes” Free Online Seminar

Landry Academy is offering a free 45 minute online seminar:  “Top 10 Homeschooling Mistakes”

===> Tonight, Friday, January 21 at 10pm Atlantic Time (9:00 pm eastern time)

You may enter the classroom 30 minutes prior to the start time .  There are only 50 seats available on a first-come-first-served basis.

When you sign-in, it will ask for your name. But,please use your first name, town/city,and state, like this.. (otherwise, you will automatically be removed from the classroom).
Mary – Halifax, NS

Here’s the link!