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The Schoolhouse Expo: Day 3 Wrapup

There are just two more days left of The Schoolhouse Expo live online.  The week is going by so fast!  My children and hubby will probably like when things get back to normal next week and *I* am the one making supper LOL.

Every day of the Expo, I keep thinking “it can’t get any better than this” and then it does!  After we were inspired in the Word with Deb first thing, Dianne Craft was next, and I love her sessions!  Here are some of the highlights for me on day 3…

  • Dianne Craft spoke on the topic “My Child Doesn’t Learn Like the Others”, on Right-brain learning.  Something interesting that I hadn’t heard before is that we tend to marry a person who is right-brained if we’re left brained and vice versa.  Not only that, but when we have children, if the first one is left-brained, the next is right and so on.  Fascinating!  I got all sorts of fantastic ideas to teach my child who is visually oriented – things I can transfer to my job as a music teacher as well 🙂  By the way, kinesthetic learners are always visual, so if your child spins like a top (like my daughter), she’s probably visual (right-brained)!  There was SO much to this presentation, so it’s a must-listen-to if you’re someone who will be getting the Expo-to-Go!  You can listen to and view some audio and You-tube samples on Dianne’s Vendor page.
  • It was a real blessing to listen to Jim Weiss’ presentation about story-telling.  Wow, I didn’t know what a gem he was – what a storyteller – he really entertained and informed us all!  I would love to get a hold of some of the audio stories that he has available.  He went step by step through the structure of telling a story and what to include.  This information could easily also be used to help structure writing of a story – I will be having my children listen to the MP3 download of this session with me when they become available in June.  You can listen to Jim’s wonderful voice and get his free-shipping special on his stories at the Jim Weiss Vendor page.
  • It was so affirming to listen to Dr. Ray from NHERI speak about Current Research on Homeschooling.  He shared that many dozens of studies have been done on academic achievement and the results are consistent: homeschoolers perform head and shoulders above their public schooled peers.  For instance, for the past four years, homeschoolers have outperformed public schoolers in the ACT test.  Also encouraging is the information on homeschoolers who grow up and become adults and vote in larger numbers and participate in ongoing community service in larger numbers than the general populace 🙂  You can visit to learn more about homeschooling studies and also to  sign up for their informative newsletter.

There were so many great moments on Day 3, and I’m excited about attending Day 4 in just a few moments!

Love, Luck &