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Host a Student from France in July!

Nacel Canada, a not for profit cultural exchange organization since 1957 is urgently seeking homes for a group of bright 10-13 year old students from France who will be arriving in Nova Scotia on July 7th for 3 weeks.

These young ambassadors from France are coming to learn about life in another culture, make lifelong friendships and become a part of a Canadian family.  It is a wonderful opportunity for local Nova Scotia families to introduce their own children to someone from a different culture and make long lasting friendships. Children can share a room with a host sibling, but must have their own bed.  The host family provides 3 meals a day and TLC !  Students look after all of their own spending money, toiletries, and clothing.  Families involve the students in their day to day life, including assigning household chores.  They will appreciate any assistance families can offer helping them with their English. There are still  a few students who have asked for English Homeschooling- a total of 15 hrs of English lessons during the 3 week stay.

Families receive a stipend of $300 for hosting a student, and an additional $150 for the homeschooling component.

As the students will be arriving on July 7th and quite a few homes are still needed, if you think you might be able to host one of these students, please contact Kelly Pidgeon, the Summer Program Representative at or by phone at 902 499 6910 right away.

We’ve been hosting international students for 9 years through various organizations and will be hosting a student through Nacel this summer ourselves!  It’s a wonderful way to bring the world, in this case France, to your home 🙂

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