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Creek Edge Press Modern History – Review


Creek Edge Press provides a simple tool that brings together Classical, Montessori, and Charlotte Mason elements: Task Cards.

What are Task Cards?  Task Cards are simply cards with activities/assignments listed on them.  These can be used by multiple grades and are great for encouraging research and independent learning.  We received the Modern World Task Card Set in exchange for an honest review 🙂

PhotobucketWe were already working through Modern History in our homeschool when we received the Modern World Task Card Set, so I was just thrilled to receive it!  This set consists of cards covering Victorian England through to the beginning of the 21st century, in chronological order.  The accompanying book includes instructions for completing tasks, directions for preparation, and a guide for selecting books and resources to use throughout the course.  It is designed for use for Kindergarten through Grade 8.

We use a relaxed Classical approach to homeschooling, and these cards fit in beautifully.  We just jumped in right where we were at in history.  For my 13 year old son, I would hand him a card and ask him to do two or three activities of his choice.  He loved that, as he loves working independently.  For my 8 year old daughter, I chose with her and we worked on them mostly together.  As you can see by the task card pictured below, these cards cover quite a bit, from history to geography and culture, through: research, reading, map work, writing, vocabluary, time lines, and more.  Big events in history such as the World Wars involve more than one Task Card.  We used our Task Cards with an existing curriculum, and I believe they could easily be used to supplement any curriculum.  They can also be used as a stand-alone curriculum.
PhotobucketOther available Task Card sets include not only periods of history, but also science, music, art, and grammar (as a music teacher, I’m going to be checking out the Music & Composers set!).  Sets cost between $18 – 20.00 US, or you can save by ordering a complete set of history, music, etc.  Click here for a Creek Edge Press catalogue in pdf format.  When I tested out the shopping cart, shipping to Canada was $10.95 US for one set.  And if you live in the US, act now and get FREE shipping on orders of $36 + when you use the code: MidWinter

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