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Molly’s June Money-Saving Digest – Review

Molly’s June Money-Saving Digest is here!  Home Sweet Home (Business) is the theme this month, which makes this is a very timely digest for me.  My son has been very set on finding something that he can make money doing, or some job he can do, and this month’s Kid’s Corner is all about business ideas for children!  Included are ideas for advertising the business along with some tips, as well as interviews with child entrepreneurs.  You will also find ideas for jobs for adults to do from home and interviews with adult entrepreneurs.  From artists to bakers and bloggers – they all have stories and tips to share. And what are some of the free forms that Molly shares this month?  A form for young babysitters to bring along for the parents to fill out at their babysitting jobs, as well as a form to brainstorm what jobs you or your child might be able to do from home.

June’s digest is also packed full of all the usual monthly features. A whole bunch of ideas for recycling and repurposing used items in “Feather Your Nest Frugally” and “Something Old, Something New” are shared, such as crocheting with plastic bags, and decorating with tassles made from scraps around your home. This month’s In the Kitchen With Molly section is a yummy week-long menu plan including the shopping list, with a delicious-sounding recipe for Asian Pork Tenderloin that I’m going to try as soon as possible. I personally was tickled to find out in the Special Dates this Month section that June 7th is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day and I’m looking forward to celebrating that one with my children for a fun homeschooling day.

The June Molly’s Digest is available for download now at The Schoolhouse store for $4.95  OR buy a subscription for $3.95 a month and get the digest every month!