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An Invitation to Meet William Shakespeare – Dec 1st @ CBU

An Invitation to Meet William Shakespeare

“I Am Not Prospero”

He’s the greatest writer of all time, and he’s got the ego to prove it! Will Shakespeare returns from the grave to clear up a misunderstanding concerning his final play, The Tempest.

For nearly 200 years, literary scholars have suggested that Prospero, the magician-hero of The Tempest, is a
Shakespearean self-portrait, and the play is the Bard’s allegorical farewell to the theatre. Will’s surprising response to the theory will deepen your understanding of the play, while inviting you to laugh at the idiosyncrasies of scholars and artists alike.

The presentation features PowerPoint slides, nauseating puns, and a Q&A session with Shakespeare himself!
All are welcome!  Free Admission.  Thursday, December 1st at 1pm at Cape Breton University’s Boardmore Playhouse.

Hope to see you there!

Love, Luck &

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250,000 free lectures, videos & films @ iTunes U

I just found out about iTunes U!  It’s part of the iTunes store, but instead of music downloads, it consists of educational lectures, language lessons, films, labs, audiobooks and tours.  Over 600 universities, including Yale and MIT are active on iTunes U.  You can download to your computer or to your iPod or iPhone.  In addition to the 250,000 free resources on the site are resources you can download for a nominal fee, i.e. the typical 99 cents.  If you already have iTunes installed, just click on the iTunes U tab.