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Keyboard Town Pals – Typing for Young Children – Review

I had been considering Keyboard Town Pals for my daughter for some time, and was thrilled when we received this program in exchange for an honest review 🙂

PhotobucketWow! Keyboard Town Pals really works! Just like magic! In just a couple of weeks, my 7 year old daughter was able to type with her eyes closed, literally.  She could visualize the whole keyboard, because all the characters stuck in her mind.  She has also regularly been quizzing ME on the names and locations of all the Keyboard Town Pals on the keyboard, LOL.  Mommy often gets the names wrong, much to her chagrin, and she corrects me.  I can’t believe I went through a whole year class in Grade 9 typing to learn what my 7 year old learned in virtually one hour!  My child is happily using her new typing skills to type her story for Nanowrimo this month!

Sunny is your child’s “tour guide” for the 8 video chapters which comprise Keyboard Town Pals.  While each chapter is being viewed, the child types in a box on the screen.  One of the terrific features of this (especially if your child is a perfectionist like mine!) is that the delete and backspace keys on the keyboard are completely disabled.  Your child has to move forward and not be obsessed by mistakes!  Also, there are no timed tests or tests of any kind, no counting of mistakes, and no grades awarded.  Once children have followed along with the video chapters once, twice, or more, they can click on a practice page and type the alphabet forward, backwards, and with their eyes closed.

The puppets, voices, and video quality are top notch.  Many of the people who worked on the production of Keyboard Town Pals have also worked on the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood children’s show.  One of the voice artists is known for doing Looney Tunes and Hannah Barbara voices.  And you may recognize some of the voices you hear (based on some famous people, i.e. Groucho Marx) so listen closely 🙂  To top it off, the puppets teach good values, and children can correspond with each of the characters through email.

PhotobucketKeyboard Town Pals is suggested for ages 7 and up, but I believe my daughter would have enjoyed it as young as 5 years old.  Children older than 10 probably wouldn’t enjoy the puppets quite as much, BUT may be persuaded to watch for an hour instead of enduring months of drills for a traditional program 🙂

Take a peek for yourself – view these videos of Keyboard Town Pals in action.  Other great additional products are available, including stickers, colouring books, finger puppets, and a card game.  And for the preschooler, there is the Little Hands Can Type program to prepare for Keyboard Town Pals.

Keyboard Town Pals is available in English, Spanish, and French.  You can purchase the web-based version (which we used), on sale now for $39.95 $30.00 US, or the CD-Rom, which is also on sale, for $39.95 $35.00 US, PLUS shipping is now FREE.

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