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Is Homeschooling Your Dream Job?

For my entire childhood, except for a very brief time when I was 5 and wanted to be a nurse, I always wanted to be a teacher.  In fact, I was regularly told I should be a teacher, especially by my classmates whom I was always helping with their work.  Well here I am, a teacher.  Not only do I teach by homeschooling my own children, but I also teach private music lessons.  I LOVE both of these jobs (not to mention also being an Usborne Books Educational Specialist and my writing etc).  I feel very blessed, even though money is tight.  I live in the most beautiful place in the world (in my opinion), and live on a farm in the country, which is also something I always dreamed of.  For my farm dream to be complete, all I need now is some horses – so far we just have chickens 🙂

I believe that all homeschool mothers – all mothers for that matter – should have and pursue interests, and I have a lot of them.  I am very active in local theatre.  I hand-spin, weave, and knit – I belong to a spinning guild and we get together regularly to spin and socialize.  I love playing all manner of games and I get together weekly with friends to play – now that my son is older I drag him along too.  Not surprisingly, I love to sing, and so I serve at our church on the Worship team.

If I were to daydream a little more, I suppose I might dream of being an actress.  It would be pretty amazing to be on the stage, which I already love, and get paid to be there to boot 🙂  And something else that has always interested me is archaeology.  I may actually be able to join an archaeological dig at the Fortress this year – it’s sort of like a summer camp for adults, LOL.

So how about you?  Is homeschooling your dream job?  Can you imagine doing anything else?  Is there something you always dreamed about, or want to get around to once your children have all graduated?

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