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The Homeschool Legal Defense Association of Canada’s Response to the AG’s Report

From HSLDA Canada:

“The Auditor General in Nova Scotia has released a strongly anti-home education report. The report makes 12 recommendations for change. Among those recommendations are the following:

The Department of Education should require periodic, independent assessment of home schooled children against learning objectives and outcomes.
The Department of Education should assess the programs proposed by parents to determine if they are designed to achieve appropriate learning objectives and outcomes for home schooled children.
The Department of Education should obtain information on learning outcomes of home schooled children to determine if they are making reasonable educational progress.
The Department of Education should track home school registration using its computerized database to determine which children are not registered for the current year and whether follow up is needed.
The Department of Education should track children leaving public school for home schooling to ensure they are properly registered for home schooling.
The Department of Education should explore the possibility of establishing an information sharing protocol with the Department of Health and Wellness to enable tracking of all school-aged children in the province to determine whether they are registered for school.

The full report as well as a summary of the report is available here ( 

HSLDA condemns this report for its clear anti-home education bias and clear lack of understanding of home education. It is obvious that the Auditor General’s office has not consulted the research on home education, home educating families, or home education experts. Home education is successful because it is not standardized. Parents, who know their children better than anyone else, are able to tailor the curriculum, learning style, and evaluation methods to the unique needs of their children. If the recommendations in this report are put in place, parents will have so much control and oversight of their homeschooling that they will lose virtually all of this flexibility. This would harm education in Nova Scotia and reduce the quality of education for home educated students.
If the recommendations in this report are put into practice, Nova Scotia will become the most oppressive province in Canada in which to home educate. HSLDA will be working with local home education leaders to ensure that homeschooling freedoms are maintained in Nova Scotia.”

Various homeschooling organizations across the province such as HEMS and NSHEA are looking forward to working together with HSLDA Canada.
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