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Last Minute Christmas Gifts to Make: Fibre Craft Idea

Last Minute Christmas Gifts to Make: Fibre Craft Idea

last minute christmas gifts to make

I know many of my fellow homeschoolers also knit or crochet with their children, like I do. Even if you don’t, here is an idea for a last-minute Christmas gift to make: a “crochet” necklace.  It only uses a crochet chain, which is VERY easy for anyone to do, even a young child.  (I recommend looking up a video how-to on Youtube if you don’t know what that means). My 7 year old is helping me make some necklaces as gifts and it only takes as little as 10 minutes, depending on how elabourate a necklace you want.

Here is a great website full of various free patterns, complete with photos, for your crochet necklace:

We used Patons Evita 100% cotton yarn and a 10mm crochet hook, but you can choose from any of the yarns and hooks on the website. We also chose to knot the very ends and use a large bead (instead of braiding) so that it can slide up and down to make the necklace longer or shorter.

We’ve been making mostly homemade gifts this year, from knitting to weaving, to jewelery-making.

What last minute Christmas gifts to make have you been working on this year?

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