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Don’t Put too Much Pressure on Your First Day of Homeschool

If you haven’t already started your first day of homeschool this year, you likely will be in the next week or so. My advice? Don’t put too much pressure on your first day.

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Don’t Put too Much Pressure on Your First Day of Homeschool

I see homeschoolers do this all the time, and I’m guilty of it, too. I have to remind myself every year not to put too much pressure on our first day of homeschool. It can be harder than it sounds!

Homeschool moms can put too much pressure on themselves to have the perfect first day – especially if they’re first time homeschoolers and this is their very first day. They want to start the year off right. They want to have a fun-filled day.

This can quickly lead to disappoint and despair. Odds are that you aren’t going to have the perfect homeschool day with your kids on the first day, especially if you put too much pressure on yourself and your kids.

If you don’t have the perfect first day, or the perfect very first day of homeschool, that’s ok! It doesn’t mean you won’t have a good homeschool year or that you can’t homeschool your kids. It’s just one day, there will be many others. Some will be good days and some will be bad days. It’s just one day in your homeschool adventure.

To encourage a good first day and first week of homeschool, I like to start with a celebration. We usually enjoy a swim in our pool, sometimes with other homeschoolers, for Not Back to School Day while the kids in public school are enjoying their first day back to school. Injecting fun into the day can help with a good start. Some homeschoolers in the province camp out at Keji Provincial Park for the first week of September – now that’s a memorable start!

Instead of starting with a full course load, we also start our homeschool week by adding a bit each day. Easing into homeschool work can help keep parent and child’s nerves alike from fraying.

I also am ready to switch gears if needed. If some of the work isn’t going over well, I am ready to drop it and move on to something else, or go spend some time outside or in the pool instead.

Don’t give up because your first day isn’t perfect. Keep calm and homeschool on!

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How do you handle your first day of homeschool? Please let me know in the comments below!

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