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Spanish for You! – Review and Freebies

SFY-logoDebbie Annett is the creator of Spanish for You! She has been teaching Spanish to students in Kindergarten through high school for 14 years, and developed her own curriculum because she saw a need for:

  • flexibility and the ability to work at your own pace
  • something that provided the ability to accomplish a lot of learning without a big outlay of funds
  • something easy to use for schools or students
  • an audio of the entire textbook in Spanish (not just parts)
  • the ability to place students at their grade level
  • something that’s fun, easy and effective, and can be used even if the teacher and/or student don’t already know Spanish.

SFYI received the entire Spanish for You! Fiestas (Celebrations) package for Grades 3-8, as part of the Mosaic Reviews team, in exchange for an honest review 🙂 I used the Fiestas Lesson Guide for Grades 3-4 to teach my 9 year old daughter.

Each book (Gr 3-4, Gr 5-6, Gr 7-8) has 5 lessons, which are each designed to be worked through over several weeks. Weeks are set up with 4 days, but you can go at your own pace, slower or faster. They are set up for between 24-30 weeks so they take you through an entire school year with breaks. In each lesson, learn vocabulary and commands (ie “make” the pizza), and then verb conjugation and usage, and grammar, and put it all together. Speaking, reading, writing skills and grammar knowledge are all included so you can build a base and your child can go on to high school Spanish instruction.

Every Spanish for You! package comes with a soft cover textbook (I received a PDF version for review purposes), the lesson guides for the grades you order (the full package includes Gr 3-8), self-checking worksheets (PDF download), two audio files (MP3 download – both recordings of the entire book, one is Debbie Annett herself, a non-native speaker and the other is a native speaker from Mexico), activity pictures of all the vocabulary in the book (PDF download – for making flash cards and other activities). Within the lesson guide there are many activities that can be used in a classroom, and Debbie herself uses them in a homeschool co-op weekly. The worksheets are designed as “self-checking”, so students can make their own corrections. You can do the included activities and games altogether as a family, while following the individual lesson plans for the different grades. More games & activities are available free on the Spanish for You! website. We enjoyed learning about Spanish cultural celebrations such as The Day of the Dead through the Fiestas theme.

Debbie recommends the following materials to use with the curriculum:

  • coloured card stock
  • scissors and glue stick
  • dry erase squares and dry erase markers (You can buy posters with dry erase sides and cut them into large squares for the kids to use.)
  • index cards (cut them in half to get more mileage out of a package.)
  • dice
  • Bingo markers – items to mark Bingo cards – you can use dry macaroni, paper squares, buttons, paper clips, whatever

You can see for yourself what Spanish For You is like, with these freebies: Free Mini-Lessons and Free Worksheets. And you can visit the Spanish for You! Blog for more great ideas for teaching Spanish, including some great ideas for using flash cards, and not as boring old rote memorization 🙂

SFY-EstacionesYou can choose to purchase the Gr 3-4, 5-6, or 7-8 package Travelsor the full Gr 3-8 package of either the Fiestas (Celebrations) or the Estaciones (Seasons), in full program or the 4-6 week trial of the new, Viajes (Travels). Prices range from $9.99 to $64.95 US. Teacher lesson plans for the classroom are also available, so far for the Fiestas theme only, for $12.95 – $14.95 US. Visit the Spanish for You! website for all your purchasing options.

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