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We Love Field Trips!

Homeschoolers love field trips!  One of the best advantages of homeschooling is that you can pick up and go on a field trip anytime. If you want to avoid the crowds, all you have to do is go during the day when everyone else is at work or school, and going off-season helps too.

This week’s TOS Homeschool Crew Blog Cruise question is:  What are some field trips your family has enjoyed?  Well, just this week we have been enjoying some Celtic Colours Festival events.  We have gone to the library twice for a free Conversation series and have heard a Celtic harpist from Ireland talk about the 2,500 years of harp history as well as playing beautiful Celtic melodies.  We have also attended a talk from a local Cape Breton guitarist on the Acadian, Irish, and Scottish influences on Cape Breton folk music.  Friday we’ll be going to enjoy performances by a group from Newfoundland called The Once.

On Wednesday, we went to the Fortress of Louisbourg (which is probably our absolute favourite field trip!) and not only toured around the Fortress, but also took in a talk by the head archaeologist on the ongoing archaeological digs and their findings.  We even got to handle some 18th century pipes and view some recently dug artifacts 🙂

Also here on Cape Breton Island is the Highland Village.  There the children caper among the rolling hills as we take a walk through life for the Scottish people from their arrival here hundreds of years ago to the present.  We sample some homemade goodies from the open fire or old-fashioned stove, sit in desks in a one-room schoolhouse, and listen to the sounds of the Gaelic language and pick up a few new words each time we visit.

Another favourite haunt of ours is the Two Rivers Wildlife Park.  It is open year round and we have taken out a membership each year so we can go as often as we want.  There are many beautiful wild animals there, in large enclosures of their natural habitat.  There is also a petting zoo and a playground.  In the winter we can go skating, skiing, and tobogganing as well.

We have also been known to visit the Halifax area regularly.  There we like to visit museums such as the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, as well as hit the BIG Chapter’s bookstore there.  Yes we actually consider that a field trip, LOL, our bookstores here on the island are so small and it’s such a treat to go there 🙂

If you would like more information on these and other Nova Scotian sites to visit, click on “Things to Do, Places to Go”.

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