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Always Icecream/Clever Dragons Back to School Special!

Lifetime Memberships for the fabulous learning websites Always Icecream and Clever Dragons are on special!

Lifetime Membership – Regular $139.00 – are on for just $79.00!
FAMILY Lifetime Membership – Regular $299.00 – are on for just $159.00!

If you have girls, go to the Always Icecream website for more information.

If you have boys, go to the Clever Dragons website for more information.

My daughter loves her Always Icecream lifetime membership!

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Clever Dragons: For Boys Only – Review

Photobucket Clever Dragons is another wonderful, educational website from the makers of Always Icecream.  Always Icecream is for girls only, and Clever Dragons is for boys only.  We really wanted to check out the boys’ version after my daughter enjoyed Always Icecream so much, and received a two-month subscription in exchange for an honest review.

Like Always Icecream, Clever Dragons is designed for children in grades K-8. Photobucket Once your son signs in, he will see 6 choices:

  • Home Page – This is where they get started: create your own “mini-me” avatar, visit Dragon World to hatch your pets from eggs, and more
  • Learn & Play – So many subjects to choose from in the form of games and quizzes, including Typing, Geography (including Canadian!), Math, History, Bible (if desired), and more!  Games can be set according to grade level – for my 13 year old, we had it set to Gr. 7-8
  • My Friends – Turn on the social aspect if you wish, so your child can chat with other boys (many of whom are fellow homeschoolers).  If you have real-world friends in-site, share a special code with each other and your children get to interact in more ways
  • Mail – In-site email, enabled if the social aspect has been turned on by the parent
  • CastleWorld – Your child can design his own castle with his own furniture, art work, rooms, etc.  Sell designs in the store for others to buy – and he earns Gold to spend.  He can put his pets in his rooms, add more rooms or buy bigger castles.  He can also visit his neighbourhood to see his friends’ castles.
  • Videos – fun and entertaining videos to watch, arranged in subjects such as Language Arts, Science, Music & Arts, etc.

Hatching the pets (i.e. little dragons) is the most fun for my son (even though he complains that he’s too old for it at age 13, he seems to secretly enjoy it LOL).  My daughter absolutely loved the fact that her brother was playing on the boys’ version of her beloved Always Icecream!

Your boy can try Clever Dragons Free right now!  There are a variety of pricing options.  99 cents for the first month, then $5.95 US per month.  Or choose $47.40 per year or a lifetime membership for $119.00.  Family memberships also available.

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Always Icecream & Clever Dragons Educational Websites Special!

Always Icecream and Clever Dragons (educational websites for K-8) are INTRODUCING FAMILY LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPS!  Purchase by April 10th and get $110 off the regular price of $259! The membership is just $149 and is good for four children and can be used both on Always Icecream AND on Clever Dragons. With the special offer, this is only $39.25 per child for a lifetime membership!  If families have more than 4 children k-8, they need to contact Always Icecream/Clever Dragons for an additional lifetime membership.

We love Always Icecream and Clever Dragons! Check out my Always Icecream review.

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