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The Curiosity Files: Blue Diamond Unit Study – Review

The Curiosity Files is the newest addition to The Old Schoolhouse’s e-book collections.  Professor Ana Lyze is your guide through each of the e-books in the collection.  They are geared towards children aged 8-13.  I received the “Blue Diamond” title in exchange for an honest review 🙂

Both of my children are huge rock and gem fans.  Both have been collecting them since they could walk.  None of us realized that diamonds come in different colours.  Did you know they come in 10 different colours?  We were delighted to be able to learn about the “Blue Diamond”, the most famous of coloured diamonds.  My 7-year-old daughter was especially fascinated.  She liked learning about all the different shapes diamonds are cut into.  We looked at my diamond engagement ring up close for comparison, as well as the diamonds at the local jewelery store.  She also got a kick out of learning that diamonds ride “the magma subway”.  This was especially timely, since we had just learned all about the earth, its inner core, and volcanoes this year.  We are a big music-loving family, so we enjoyed singing the Blue Diamond song – the lyrics made us laugh a little bit at one point as our tongues tripped over the multi-syllables 🙂

This 88-page unit study is chock full of information, science, math, history, geography, language & literature, arts & crafts, experiments, Bible, music, resource & video links, copywork, questions, games, activities, and worksheets.  We could have easily spent an entire month studying the Blue Diamond with all these great materials, and there was something for each of my children in it, aged 7 and 12.  Want to take a peek inside for yourself?  View a 14-page excerpt HERE.

The Curiosity Files: Blue Diamond e-book is available for download at the TOS Store for just $6.95 US.  There are 9 titles so far in the collection (see below).  Some titles are on sale right now for just $1.00, so try one that your children are interested in today!  Each The Old Schoolhouse e-books comes with a 7-day, 100% money-back guarantee!

You can also follow The Curiosity Files on Facebook, below, if you’d like to keep up to date on new titles and how everyone is using the unit studies 🙂

The Curiosity Files

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