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The Old Schoolhouse Store Sale – November 23-28



The Schoolhouse Store is having its Sixth Annual Schoolhouse Store Black Friday Sale Nov. 23-28, 2011!

Even a ONE DOLLAR purchase automatically gets you a LOT of free products.

During this six-day promotion, nearly 200 items are at special promotional prices ranging from 10-75% off original retail. Everyone who makes a purchase in the store will receive a package of free gifts. With anypurchase–even just a buck, you will receive $71.88 worth of free products. EVERYONE gets these. Or, get MORE. By purchasing $30 or more in the store during the six-day Black Friday promotion, you will receive $150.69 worth of gifts! Grabbing up $50 or more gets you $272.46 in free stuff. And anyone who spends $100 or more will receive $442.85 in free items–check them out–they’re awesome.  And you get Gena Suarez’ new book, too, valued at $17.95, if you spend even ONE DOLLAR in the store during Black Friday!
Go to The Schoolhouse Store Black Friday Sale page for more information!


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