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Nelson’s Biblical Cyclopedic Index – Review

Nelson’s Biblical Cyclopedic Index is a handy Bible reference book.  It contains over 8,000 subjects, names, places, things, concepts, events, and doctrines of the Bible AND 300 “word studies.”  In this one book you will see features of a concordance, topical Bible, and Bible dictionary.  It can be used with any translation of the Bible.  I feel very fortunate indeed to have received Nelson’s Biblical Cyclopedic Index from the Booksneeze program, in return for an honest review 🙂
From Adonai to Zion, I don’t think a single entry has been missed.  Each entry includes a definition and a list of Biblical verses in which the word is mentioned.  In the case of a person, the meaning of their name is listed, and then the major events in their life are listed along with the relevant verses.  My favourite feature is the word studies.  For each of these word studies, the original Hebrew or Greek word is given, along with its definition, meaning, and how it is used in different verses in the Bible.

This reference would be an excellent addition to anyone’s library, for your Bible lesson, Bible study, sermon, or a study in English literature dealing with Biblical allusions.  It would be useful for not only adults, but also for children about age 12 and up.  I like the fact that it is a compact paperback, which means that it is portable enough to tuck in your purse to travel with you to church or your small group.  The front cover says “Best Bible Subject Index Ever” and I have to agree!  We are going to be using this reference book a lot in our Biblical homeschool studies.

You can see a few pages for yourself HERENelson’s Biblical Cyclopedic Index has a retail price of $19.99 US.

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