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Time for Extracurricular Activities!

Time is one of the wonderful advantages of Homeschooling.  Because homeschooling takes so much less time than a traditional school day, my children have all sorts of time to explore their interests and passions, and engage in extracurricular activities.

My children’s favourite extracurricular activities incorporate quite a few of the arts.  Both children are active in classes in Class Acts Drama School – both Drama and Musical Theatre.  In addition to their end-of-the-year performances, they are also active in the local drama community at large.  This past year, my son has been in 5 plays outside of his class performances and my daughter was in 2!  This year our whole family (hubby and I included) are in a local dinner theatre performance of A Christmas Carol.  We’re having so much fun that I hope we get to all be in a performance together again 🙂

My children also both take music lessons with me (Music For Young Children).  They both take dance lessons – tap, jazz & ballet – at Cape Breton School of the Arts.  My son just started lifting girls in his class this year and I am such a proud momma 🙂  He enjoys practicing by lifting his sister at home because she’s so light.  They enjoy practicing together quite a bit and it’s almost impossible for either of them to walk across a room without incorporating a dance step or two LOL.

From time to time, my daughter enrolls in gymnastics at the local university, and my son enrolls in Fencing classes at the local YMCA.

Even though they are in a lot of extracurricular activities, and we are running back and forth 4-7 days a week, we don’t feel overwhelmed because we still get some “down time” in our days 🙂

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