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Science Weekly – Review & great downloadable freebies

***Science weekly no longer exists. Please search “science” in the search bar for other resources***

Science Weekly is “Today’s Science for Today’s Students”.  We received their newsletter in exchange for an honest review 🙂

Each newsletter has reading, writing, math, critical thinking, and interactive experiment components.  Level Pre-A to Level E correspond to Kindergarten to Gr. 5/6.  Each level is assigned by reading level.  You may find that your child is ready for a level or two ahead of grade level, so be sure to check out the free online newsletters (see below) to see which level would be appropriate for your child.

We received the “Fractions” newsletter for all levels, including the Teacher’s Guide.  My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the playing with colour and paint portions of Level B.  We also liked learning, in the older levels, about how ancient Egyptians depicted fractions.  And in the Teacher’s Guide, we learned that fraction comes from the Latin word fractio, “to break”, and we love Latin words (we’re learning Latin in our homeschool).  If you are teaching more than one grade level in your homeschool, you may want to start by reading the oldest level together and then doing the appropriate level activities with each child, or just doing them all together.

Science Weekly is a bit of a misnomer, you receive 15 newsletters per year.  Here were the topics for the 2010-2011 year:
You don’t have to just take my word for what these newsletters are like – the Science weekly website has loads of freebies!

Download all the levels and Teacher’s Guide for the topic of Coral Reefs here.

Download free newsletters with answer keys for Grades 1-4, in both online newsletter with flippable pages format and pdf  here. Topics include Pyramids, Living in Space, Kites, Hurricanes, and Dams.

Download the pdf files of the entire Sport Science series of newsletters (across all the grades), including Teacher’s notes here (it says samples, but each download is of the entire 4-page newsletter)

You will find the Order form to subscribe here.  The cost for one year for one student is $19.99 US for 15 issues over the course of the year, including the Teacher’s Guide for each issue.  If you’d like to get together with your homeschool group and order, you can get a minimum of 20 subscriptions for $4.95 US per student per year.  Add 10% to your order for shipping & handling.

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