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Rime to Read – Review

 Rime to Read is a set of simple online books for beginning readers.  The books can be printed out as well for those who like to curl up on the couch and read like my family 🙂  A rime is a family of words that sound and look alike i.e. cat, sat, hat.  Each book in the series adds more words and characters to the stories.  When reading the books online, the words can be clicked on to hear them said aloud.  These books basically teach a series of sight words (i.e. whole language) and do not cover the sounds of individual letters (i.e. phonics).

Want to see what the books are like?  Read a Sample Book now.
Cost is $9.99 for a 4-book set, or $44.99 for the entire set of 20 books. 

Unfortunately, my almost-5 year old daughter became bored with these quite quickly and I could rarely get her to sit still even for one short book.  She would much rather have me read books about princesses or ballet to her, or the book series we have with books called "My a Book", "My b Book" etc. through the alphabet.

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