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Progeny Press Study Guides for Literature – Review

Photobucket Progeny Press produces study guides for literature, from a Christian perspective.  We received one of their high school level titles, The Screwtape Letters Study Guide, pdf version, in exchange for an honest review 🙂

PhotobucketOur Study Guide included:

  • Background Information
  • Pre-reading Activities
  • Vocabulary
  • Questions – for analysis, and to “dig deeper”
  • Activities – including discussion, critiques, interviews, posters, papers, etc.

Answers to all of the questions and activities is included in the Guide Answer Key, also included.  To use the Study Guide, we also needed the book (which you may also purchase through Progeny Press), a Bible (NIV is used in the Guide, but any Bible may be used), thesaurus, dictionary, and concordance.

One great thing about the pdf file version of each Study Guide, is that your student can answer questions, and even multiple choice, right in the document – great for students who like computer work better than pencil-and-paper!  This can then be saved and I can mark the student’s work right on the computer as well.  You can see what these interactive pdf files are like by clicking on this sample.

My 13 year old son has been working through this Study Guide.  We chose The Screwtape Letters because we’ve been working through WWII in history, and this book, set in the same time period, fit in nicely.  I’m also a big fan of C.S. Lewis – it’s always fun to read his works.  We primarily used an audio book, but supplemented with an e-book, for reference.  The Study Guide is very thorough, and covers a vast amount of information and discussion, and delving into scripture.  These Study Guides are a great way to really dig in to great literature.

Progeny Press has Study Guides for Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, and High School levels.  Other Study Guides available include Pride & Prejudice, Julius Caesar, The Bronze Bow, Across Five Aprils, and The Cay.  Each title is available as a printed and bound booklet OR on CD in pdf format OR as a downloadable pdf file.  The Screwtape Letters Study Guide costs $18.99 US for the pdf file, $18.99 US plus shipping for the pdf file on CD, $21.99 US plus shipping for the booklet, or $27.99 US for the CD plus booklet. Shop the Progeny Press Online Store here to see pricing for the various books and guides available – they are organized by grade-level and genre to make things easy to find.

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