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How I’m Organizing My Life and Business this Year

Is one of your goals organizing your life and business this year? Mine is! It’s important for moms to be organized. I just have to share how I’m enjoying getting organized with the help of Leonie Dawson’s Shining Life and Shining Biz workbooks. I love, love, love these books!

organizing my life and business this year

How I’m Organizing My Life and Business

This year is my first time experiencing the process of working through Leonie’s workbooks and I’m in love. Leonie’s beautiful doodles and artwork make me want to keep opening the books to work through them. These aren’t typical, boring workbooks. Check them out!

organizing my life and business

Some pages even have black and white drawings so you can colour them in. It’s so soothing and satisfying for my inner, creative child to colour and write in these gorgeous, glossy books with colourful permanent markers. Sharpies don’t go through to the other side!

But they’re not only fun, they’re also practical. I am finally getting things done with these books! I admit it, most of my days were spent frantically rushing from one urgent task to another in my business and home life, before using Leonie’s workbooks. Now I have goals and tasks that I’m sticking to.

Even better, Leonie Dawson’s community is like a big hug and a kick in the pants at the same time. Leonie’s folk are energized and innovative and so much fun to hang out with in her Facebook group. I even found a group to help me work through The Artist’s Way with other Leonie Dawson fans. We started working through the book together in January. I’m loving it!

The 2016 Create Your Shining Year in Life Workbook

organizing my life and business this year

I’ve set goals for the first time in my life using the Life Workbook! I’m back to reading books for me this year – I didn’t finish reading a SINGLE BOOK in 2015 and I love reading! I’ve read every day so far this year and finished two books in January and February (my goal is to finish two each month). I’m also writing and exercising every day (hooray for the Wii Fit). And I’m getting my home decluttered, one room at a time. As Leonie says, those who write down their goals are more likely to get them done!

One of the great little rituals I’ve developed from this book is writing down everyday miracles (things I’m thankful for each day). I cut out the label from the workbook and decorated a jar. My daughter made an Everyday Miracles Jar too, and each night we add something we are thankful for.


The 2016 Create Your Shining Year in Biz Workbook

I work full time these days as a writer/editor from home. Working through the Biz workbook has already changed my life – I’ve made more time for things that matter and am reaching my daily goals. I’m focused instead of scattered. It’s a good feeling.

If  you’re starting up a business, you may have to leave some of the pages at the beginning blank, as they help you reflect on how your business went last year, but you can definitely benefit from it as much as an established business can.

organizing my life and business

The Bottom Line

Leonie’s workbooks are just plain fun – I didn’t realize how much I’d enjoy the creative and child side of me, enjoying adding washi tape and writing and colouring with Sharpies. It’s worth it, even with the ridiculous price I paid because of shipping and our abysmal Canadian dollar right now 🙂

The physical copies of the books have already sold out in North America. But the good news is, you can still get the digital copies – no shipping fees and you can download them instantly. My Biz Bundle came with digital copies which I used to start working through the workbooks until the physical copies came in the mail. I used an app that allowed me to write in them with a stylus, so I got the feel of physically writing in the books.

You can pick up the Life and Biz Workbook Bundle (digital version) for $17.95 U.S. or buy them individually for $9.95 U.S. Yes, it’s March (I’m sorry it took me so long to share these books with you!) but it’s not too late to get organized and set goals for the rest of your year!

What do you use for organizing your life and business? Do you use Leonie’s workbooks? Please let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I use a calendar on my fridge (and a blog planner) to keep organized. And by keep organized, I mean fly by the seat of my pants 😉
    I’m in need of a “system” LOL!

    1. Sounds like how I usually am LOL. I’ve found setting goals and writing them down to be the push I needed to start moving forward and get things done!

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