Not Back-to-School Blog Hop: School Room Week

Not Back to School Blog Hop We do not have a separate school area in our home for our schooling.  On any given day in our home, you will find my children reading or doing their work in the window seats, on the floor, the couch, at the computer, the counter of the breakfast nook, on their bed, and sometimes even at a table.  We have also been known to work on homeschooling outside, in the park, in the car (on our long trips back and forth to the mainland), at the Tim Horton’s, the dance studio, or even the Wentworth Perk cafe

I like the freedom of homeschooling wherever, whenever.  Many homeschoolers just starting out think you *have* to have a separate school room.  They spend a lot of money on desks with chairs attached and on items to cover the walls.  This works for some homeschoolers, but a lot of them end up getting rid of the school room desks and even the school room in favour of the couch or the dining room table.  Many homeschoolers don’t have an “extra” room that we can make into a schoolroom, and that works just fine.

If I was to say that I had a way to keep the schoolwork from spreading all over the house, that would be a fib Most of our books are on our multiple bookshelves.  I keep my homeschool magazines in magazine holders that we make out of cut-out cereal boxes.  Some of it does get contained quite nicely in binders (by subject).  We have baskets for our library books and books we’re currently reading.  Our workbox system helps a little bit with keeping things organized as well.  We still end up with it spread all over the house, but we have a “lived-in” home and I’m comfortable with that!

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