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FUNtastic Folders C is for Christmas & Cookies

Sharon Crook’s newest addition to her FUNtastic Folders collection is C is for Christmas & Cookies!  I received this double-unit study free, in exchange for an honest review.  This product is for pre-school to Grade 2 and my 5 year old daughter helped me test it out 🙂  We both really enjoyed taking some time out from our usual homeschooling routine to have some fun together.

A very useful list of all the materials needed for each of the unit studies is included at the very beginning, along with pictures of what your folders might look like when completed.  Each Unit Study has some printing copy-work, which my daughter enjoyed.  The copy-work is also available as tracing pages.

When the title includes cookies, there’s got to be some baking involved 🙂  The first unit is entitled "Cooking in the Kitchen".  My daughter’s favourite recipe was the Snowballs.  She loved them so much we made them two days in a row!  They were quick, easy, and delicious.  The second time we made them, I thought I’d try whole wheat flour instead of white.  This worked well as they were still delicious, and a bit more nutritious (although they didn’t look quite as pretty and white).  Also included is information about kitchen safety, cleanliness, and a whole bunch of information and activities about germs.  Now with my 5 year old, I skipped the germs part, as I know my child (once upon a time a Summer Camp counsellor taught her that flies carry excrement when they land on her sandwich and she had problems with eating outside for a LONG time!).  Individual parents will have to determine how much of the information is too much for their own child – I think I’ll save it for a future Science lesson.  I like the included gift tags, printed out on card stock with a little photo of the giver placed where it indicates, they look great 🙂  Now when I run out of gift tags, I just need to print off more.

Advent activities are included in the Christmas unit, which worked in well with our ongoing celebration of Advent.  There is the story of the birth of Jesus, complete with brightly coloured pictures.  Also, there is a calendar of things to do daily.  Some of the crafts included are decorating Christmas trees and a Christmas star.  And my daughter particularly enjoyed the Christmas-themed math pages.  My eldest child is enjoying helping my daughter complete the crossword puzzle.  And who doesn’t like barnyard animals?  Learn all about ones that may have been present at Jesus’ birth, and cut out pictures of them.

Just a couple of nit-picky things:  I would have loved a Table of Contents so I could easily find a specific page I was looking for.  Also, the measuring cup drawings didn’t show equal measurements between the 1 cup and the 2 cup measure – although my 5 year old didn’t notice 🙂

This 67-page e-book is available for download at Currclick, where you can peek at a few sample pages.  It’s now on sale for $18.99, regularly priced at $21.99.


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