The World’s Greatest Stories Bible Story CD’s – Review


The World’s Greatest Stories are a series of Bible stories.  We received Volume 1: The Prophets CD in exchange for an honest review 🙂

Each CD wis available in both King James and NIV versions, and we chose NIV.  Unlike other audio books, where the Bible stories are retold, each CD story is taken completely word-for-word from the Bible.  They are told by storyteller and actor George Sarris, who dramatically presents characters with different voices and a lot of enthusiasm, bringing them right to life!  I love this idea, especially since we are a drama-loving family 🙂

They are suggested for ages 4 and up, but I believe even younger children would enjoy listening to them.  My children, aged 7 and 12 enjoyed them for the most part, although they found one of the characters annoying and always ask me to skip that part of the CD.  These CD’s would be great for Children’s Church as well, and I plan to use them for ours in future.

Six volumes are available, including The Life of Christ, Joshua & Esther, and more.  Each CD is about one hour in length.  To listen to a sample of each of the CD’s, click HERE.  Each CD (or casette tape if you prefer) is available for ONLY $7.95 US plus $1.25 shipping – what a great deal!  And order 6  or more items and your shipping is free.

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