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City Creek Press: Times Alive – Review

I received Times Alive! from City Creek Press in exchange for an honest review 🙂  I just love City Creek Press’ tag line: Helping kids get a kick out of learning!

Times Alive! was easy to download and install on my Windows Vista laptop.  Just a minor note, I had to open up the containing folder and click on the .exe file in order to start the program.   It didn’t show up automatically on my Start menu and didn’t put a shortcut on my desktop.  I didn’t want to search for it in my folders every time we ran the program, so I generated a shortcut myself and dragged it out of the folder onto my desktop manually 🙂

Times Alive! is based on the book Times Tables the Fun Way!, also by City Creek Press.  When you start up the program, it gives you a warning – Warning: This Program is Only For Kids Who Want to Have Fun!  LOL.  There are 18 lessons in all.  Before the first lesson, there is a pre-test of all the 0-9 multiplication facts.  The first lesson then goes on to teach about “Zero is the King” and “The Lonely Ones”.  Every multiplication fact or Times Table is taught through a story of some sort, with rich visuals, and often a rhyme and/or music.  After almost every lesson is presented, there is a little quiz about the math facts just taught.  Along the way there are longer quizzes covering the multiplication facts taught up to that point.  At any time, you can click on “Student Progress Report” in order to see which Lessons your child has completed or viewed and how they are doing on their quizzes.

My 7 year old daughter, who loves music, thoroughly enjoyed watching each and every lesson, and almost in one sitting – I told her she was done after the first lesson and she just kept going.  “Zero is the King” especially stuck with her and she enjoys demonstrating that she knows that particular Times Table.  She also loved the “paint” activities which involved clicking on paint colours to fill in colouring pages on the screen.  My son, 11 years old, enjoyed the pre-test, but wasn’t really enthused about the rest of the program and found it a bit too “young” for his tastes.

See some of Times Alive for  yourself, by clicking on this YouTube video:

You can subscribe to the Times Alive Youtube channel to get free links to learn times tables with samples from Times Alive HERETry it free online right now!

Times Alive! is available from City Creek Press as a digital download for PC or Mac for $44.95 US, or for $48.95 US as a CD-Rom.  If you buy an entire “Times Kit”, you can purchase the Times Alive! CD-Rom for 50% off.

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