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Are You a Blogger? Feel Free to Blog Ahead with Me!

Are You a Blogger? Feel Free to Blog Ahead with Me!

blog ahead 2015

Today is the first day of the Blog Ahead Challenge! If you sometimes struggle to keep up with blogging in addition to your homeschool, volunteer, parenting, and other work (like me), you’ll want to check this out. Come blog ahead with me! You can join no matter what kind of blog you write. Aim to write a blog post a day over the month of October, to be scheduled November 1st and onwards. Imagine having your blog posts all taken care of through the Christmas holidays and beyond so you can relax and enjoy the season.

It’s not too late to sign up. Go to the Blog Ahead Challenge page now to add your blog to the linky list. Then create your own kick off post to share the challenge and spread the love.

I’m especially enjoying all the encouragement in the Facebook group to get things done! I hope you enjoy all the positive energy, too. Happy blogging!

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Kimberly is a homeschooling mother of two living with her dear husband of over 25 years in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She works from home as a homeschool coach and offers OBM, writing, editing, social media, and tech services. In her free time she likes to hand-spin, knit, read, volunteer in local theatre, and horseback ride.

2 thoughts on “Are You a Blogger? Feel Free to Blog Ahead with Me!

  1. Hey Kimberly! So glad to have you joining us this year for the challenge! It can be so hard balancing blogging with everything in physical life and whew sounds like you have a busy schedule! You totally got it though! Hope things are going well!

    1. Thanks so much, Anna! I’m sorry it took so long to get back to you 🙂 I’m juggling two plays and a ballet too LOL, two of which I’m on stage with my kids, which is always great.

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